Eartha Kitt- Santa Baby

As I was thinking about what could I write on the last day of December as a blog entry, Eartha Kitt's voice came to my mind, singing "Santa Baby". Reflecting on this year, it's been a good one for me and I sincerely hope for you as well.

Eartha Kitt with Friends Santa Baby (ebbonknee)

"Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz, December 26, 2008 - Eartha Kitt died Thursday at the age of 81. To pay tribute to her life and wide-ranging career in entertainment, Piano Jazz has unearthed this interview and performance from 1993."

Eartha Kitt's Biography

"Broadway stardom led to a recording contract and a succession of best-selling records including "Love For Sale" and "Folk Tales of the Tribes of Africa," for which she received a Grammy nomination. She also published her first autobiography, Thursday’s Child," during this period, and returned again to the cabaret scene with runs at The Persian Room, The Empire Room, and London’s Talk of the Town, among ot

Santa Baby Lyrics
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Chords to Santa Baby
C Am D G C
1. Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree,
Am D G C
for me, I've been an awful good girl.
Am D G C Am D G
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight.
C Am D G C
Santa baby, an out of space convertible too,
Am D G C
light blue, I'll wait up for you dear.
Am D G C Am D G C
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight.

Think of all the fun I've missed,
think of all the fellas that I haven't kissed.
Next year I could be, oh, so good,
G G7 C
if you'd check off my Christmas list. Boo doo bee doo.

Am D G
2. Santa honey, I wanna yacht and really that's
C Am D G C
not a lot, I've been an angel all year.
Am D G C Am D G
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight.
C Am D G C
Santa cutie, there's one thing I really do need,
Am D G C
the deed, to a platinum mine.
Am D G C a D G
Santa cutie, and hurry down the chimney tonight.

C Am D G C
Santa baby, I'm filling my stocking with a duplex,
Am D G C
and checks, sign your 'X' on the line.
Am D G C a D G C
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight.

Come and trim my Christmas tree,
with some decorations bought at Tiffany's.
I really do believe in you,
G G7 C
let's see if you believe in me. Boo doo bee doo.

Am D G C
3. Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing,
Am D G C
a ring, I don't mean a phone.
Am D G C Am
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight.
D G C Am
Hurry down the chimney tonight,
D G G7 C
hurry down the chimney to...night.

See you in 2009!

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Diana Krall- Fly Me To The Moon

Who wrote Fly Me To The Moon?

"Mr. Howard's best-known song was "Fly Me to the Moon," introduced in 1954 under the title "In Other Words."

"One publisher wanted me to change the lyric to 'take me to the moon,' " Mr. Howard told the New York Times in 1988. "Had I done that, I don't know where I'd be today."

Who sang Fly Me To The Moon?

From Frank Sinatra to Nat King Cole to so many others

Lyrics to Fly Me To The Moon
Fly Me To The Moon Lyrics
Diana Krall - Fly me to the moon (live with john clayton) posted by emruk

Free Piano Chords to Fly Me To The Moon
Am7 Dm7 G7 Cmaj7
Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars,
F7 Bm7/b5 E7/b9 Am7
Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and mars,
A7/b9 Dm7 G9 G7/b9 Cm9 Am7
In other words, hold my hand!
Am9 Dm7 G7 Fdim7 Cmaj7 Bm7 E7
In other words, darling kiss me!
Am7 Dm7 G7 Cmaj7
Fill my heart with song, and let me sing forever more
F7 Bm7/b5 E7/b9 Am7
you are all I long for all I worship & adore
A7/b9 Dm7 G9 G7 Em7/b5
In other words, please be true!
A7/b9 Dm7 Dm7/C G7/b9 C6 Bm7 E7
In other words I love you
A7/b9 Dm7 G7 G7/b9 C6 Bb6 B6 C6/9
In other words I love You!
View chord structures

I do love Diana Krall's style of playing and singing. I have read many of her reviews.
Here's a bit of her background to share.

“Music was not something I wanted to do. It was something I had to do,” said Krall in a telephone interview from Singapore.

“I grew up in a family where both my parents were jazz pianists and music is like a culture in my house.
“I don’t remember not playing the piano or having music around. My mother sang in the church choir, my father plays piano and my grandmother sang. My mother used to hold me in her arms and sing when I was a baby.”

Although this songstress has been recognized as the world’s best-selling female jazz artiste, she says she is still learning.

“I don’t feel like I’ve mastered my craft. I feel like I’m on a constant journey. There’s always room for creativity in this ever-growing industry.”

Krall started her career as a pianist. It took some years before she decided to sing.

“I didn’t think I was good enough initially to sing,” she says. “When you’re listening to Sarah Vaughan or Ella Fitzgerald, it’s pretty evident there’s a difference between them and me.

“It was only in 1996 that I felt comfortable with singing, so yeah, it was a long process.”

She draws inspiration from Nat King Cole and from piano-playing singers, particularly Carmen McRae.

Krall, 43, began studying piano at the age of four, and subsequently played in her high school’s jazz band. At 15, she began playing regularly in restaurants and bars around her hometown.
The New Straits Times

At 17, she won a scholarship from the Vancouver International Jazz Festival to study at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Krall’s playing attracted the admiration of legendary bassist Ray Brown, who suggested that she move to Los Angeles to study with seminal pianist Jimmy Rowles. It was during this period that Krall began singing as well as playing.

In 1990, after a three-year stint in Los Angeles, she relocated to New York, where she began performing. Krall achieved both a musical breakthrough and a commercial watershed with her 1999 release When I Look in Your Eyes.

They had an expanded instrumental ensemble as well as orchestral arrangements by Johnny Mandel.

When I Look in Your Eyes became an international sensation, going platinum in the United States and spending an entire year in the No. 1 position in the Billboard Jazz Chart.

In addition to winning Krall a Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Performance, it also became the first jazz album in a quarter of a century to receive a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year.

Krall’s crossover success was further reflected in her participation in the historic Lilith Fair tour in 2000, and the prominent presence of her songs on the soundtracks of TV’s Sex in the City and such films as Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

I also enjoy hearing Fly Me To The Moon Bossa Nova-

The musician and composer Joe Harnell won a Grammy for the classic ' Fly me to the Moon', done in bossa nova rhythm. He reached fame as musical producer when working with the jazz singer Peggy Lee and with Frank Sinatra.
It died in the last July 15, 2005 to the 80 anose in Los Angeles,após to suffer a fall and to enter in coma.
My na me is Sinval Fonseca I am plastic artist and amateur musician, that it likes the good music. I make a simple presentation here.

More bossa nova sounds

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Leadsheets- Top 10 Basic Chords

I've been giving private piano lessons to all ages for quite sometime now. I have to agree with Keith Fletch, "The reality of life is that students and teachers only have so much time to devote to scales and chords studies."

Keith's book, Chord/Scale Mastery, is a textbook used by jazz educators internationally. He has performed all over the world for Yamaha Music Education. He can be visited at

* TOP 10 CHORD APPROACH used in jazz, presented in the Key of C

1. Major7 Chord: C E G B
Play the Major Triad, Then the 7th Chord

Major7 Scale Options
I-Major, Ionian Mode: C D E F G A B C
IV-Major, Lydian Mode (#4) C D E F# G A B C
VI-Harmonic Minor (#2, #4) C D# E F# G A B C

2. Dominant7 Chord: C E G Bb
Play The 7th Chord

Dominant 7 Scale Options
V-Major, Mixolydian Mode(b7) C D E F G A Bb C
IV-Melodic Minor(#4,b7)(Lydian Dominant Scale) C D E F# G A Bb C
V-Melodic Minor(b6,b7) ("Hindu" Scale) C D E F G Ab Bb C

3. C7(b9): C E G Bb Db
Play The 9th Chord

Inverted Diminished (H,W,H,W,H,W,H,W)
Extensions: b9, #9, #11, 13
C Db D# E F# G A Bb C

4. C Minor7: C Eb G Bb
Play The Minor Triad, Then The 7th Chord

II-Major, Dorian Mode(b3, b7) C D Eb F G A Bb C

5. C Minor7: C Eb G B
Play The 7th Chord

I- Melodic Minor (b3) C D Eb F G A B C

6. C Diminshed7: C Eb Gb Bbb
Play The Augmented Triad, Then Play The 7th Chord

7. C Diminshed: C Eb Gb Bb

8. C7 Augmented(#5): C E G# Bb

Whole Tone (W,W,W,W,W,W)
C D E F# G# A# C

9. C7(#5,#9): C E G# Bb D#
Play The 9th Chord

VII-Melodic Minor (b2,b3,b4,b5,b6,b7)
("Altered", "Diminished Whole Tone", or "Super Locrian" Scale)
(H,W,H,W,W,W,W) Extensions:b9,#9,#11,b13

10. C7(#5): C E G# B
Play The 7th Chord

III-Melodic Minor (#4,#5)
(Inverted Altered or Lydian Augmented Scale)

Keith's Basic Training Method:

"After the player finishes practicing the four triads matched with the 10 chords with a chosen scale for each, a leadsheet is presented with the chords in the same order, four bars for each chord."

Testing students' knowledge by having them only look at the chord change, play the chord to the 7th/9th, and then play the scale in one octave is good practice. Try soloing using chord tones and then successfully playing the whole scale. Add an improv track and play along, too.

I hope you enjoy using this method with your students as I have.

Articles on Scales, Chords and Modes

Diana Krall- Just The Way You Are

My Christmas was "swonderful", hoping yours was, too! I was in the kitchen preparing lots of food for family and friends and playing with my 2 Grandsons. After taking a short break, now it's time to gear up with one of my favorite jazz artists, Diana Krall.

Anders Eriksson tells us "Diana Krall is an accomplished singer, and jazz pianist. Diana was born in British Columbia Canada in 1964. She learned to play piano when she was just four-years-old. Everyone is her family are musicians... In 2000, Diana went on a tour with Tony Bennett and was nominated for more Grammy awards. The Look of Love album went platinum, the following year. It went to number one on the Canadian charts, and on the Billboard 200, top ten. In 2001 Diana toured the world. The Paris Olympia concert was recorded, and Diana Krall-Live in Paris was released and went to the top of Billboard jazz charts, number 5 in Canada and the top 20 of Billboard 200. On the recording was a cover of Billy Joel’s “Just The Way You Are” and “A Case Of You” by Joni Mitchell."

I definitely agree with this article. I own the Diana Krall Dvd, Live In Paris and have concluded that Diana is indeed a great jazz improv artist. Have a listen to
Diana's studio version of Billy Joel's classic Just The Way You Are on YouTube:

Music Video for Diana Krall singing Billy Joel's "Just The Way You Are" Adolfo2500

Diana Krall Lyrics
Just The Way You Are Lyrics
* Just The Way You are Chords
Don't go changing, to try and please me

You never let me down before

Don't imagine?. you're too familiar

And I don't see you anymore

I would not leave you in times of trouble

We never could have come this far

I took the good times, I'll take the bad times

I'll take you just the way you are

* Chord Breakdown:
Bm6= B G#/ D F# D to B

E9= E G#/ D F# D to E

A9sus= A G/ B D A to G

Gm6= G D/ Bb E to D

Learning 5 finger scales in any key helps recognize chords, with whole steps and half steps, whether Major or Minor Keys. Think Major first and listen to it, then play a Minor Chord, flatting the third, and listen to the sound you've made. Also play the octave of the chord in your l.h. and play the triad in your r.h. You can also arpeggiate the chord in your r.h. and that gives the chord a different sound.

I'm loving this song, I love You Just The Way You Are. Have a relaxing time playing the chords. I appreciate each and everyone of you. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

For more, visit my site:

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O Little Town of Bethlehem- Chord Progression

Chord progressions are what make the song sound good. If you want a simple sound, you can use a simple chord progression. If you want the song to sound more full and advanced, you can use more advanced progressions that use sevenths, minors, and other extended chords.

Korg nanoKEY - O Little Town of Bethlehem closedtheband

Here are the piano chord progressions to O Little Town of Bethlehem

C - F - C - G - C

1 - 4 - 1 - 5 - 1

O (C)little town of (F)Bethlehem, how (C)still we (G)see thee (C)lie.

A (C)bove thy (A7)deep and (Dm)dreamless sleep the (C)silent (G7)stars go (C)by.

Now, usually, that 6-2m progression continues and progresses to 5 and then back to 1 like this: 1-6-2m-5-1. (C-A-Dm-G-C in the key of C) The reason for this is the circle of 5th/4ths. From A to D is 4. From D to G is 4. And from G to C is 4. If you can understand this relationship, you're goal to learn to play by ear will become much more successful.

But in this song, you simply play A7 and then to Dm. But instead of going on to G7, you simply return to the root chord (C). If you're at the C chord change, if you move to 6 (which is A) chord OR if you move to 3 (which is E) chord, those are not your basic chord changes. BUT, they are important because if you follow them using the circle of 4ths, they will lead you back to C.

Next part of the song, Yet, in they dark streets shineth, the everlasting light
You're going to move from 1 to 3 to 6m and back to 3. In the key of C, that is: C - E7 - Am - E7.

Again, typically, you would go from 1 to 3 to 6 to 2m to 5 to 1. In C that would be:


But, in this case, since you're playing a 3 then a 6m (the important part is that 6 is a MINOR), you'll find that you usually don't go on to the 2 if the 6 is minor. Let me say that in regards to the key of C: In this case, since you're going from C and then playing an E7 then an Am, you'll find that you usually don't go on to D if the A is minor. If the A is minor, then you usually return to E7. Like this:

Yet, (C)in they dark streets (E7)shineth, the (Am)everlasting (E7)light

Last part of the song, The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight.
The (C)hopes and fears of (F)all the years are (C)met in (G)thee (C)tonight.

Music + Chord Progressions go together! It's fun to play without sheet music!

Here is Sarah McLachlin, with her angelic voice, singing and playing this beautiful song:

The Story of the Hymn

Lyrics to O Little Town of Bethlehem and Midi

Merry Christmas!

Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire

"Ever since Nat King Cole sang about chestnuts roasting on an open fire, they have been synonymous with Christmas, writes Justin Tonna. Yet the nut that has become a favourite yuletide treat was up to 50 years ago a versatile food that kept poor people fed through the winter..."

Roasting Chestnuts! Add to your salad, if you like!

Here's what Willie Myette has to say:

"Learn the holiday favorite Chestnuts Roasting on An open Fire.

You're going to learn this classic Christmas song arrangement using my easy, step-by-step method whether you read music or not!. Now, I'm not just talking "tips". From start-to-finish you'll learn the complete arrangement note-for-note. If you do read music, PDF music has been provided for you on the DVD (Just put it in your computer and print! Nothing to download).

I'll also teach you how to apply certain chords to melody notes to get that full and rich sound. No more scratching your head trying to figure out what I am playing. I will explain all of the notes that I am playing plus there is a virtual keyboard that lights up the notes that I play. It is easy to see every note I play."

You'll learn I vi ii V I turnarounds and ii V on this song from Willie

Bob Hope, Nat King Cole, Mel Torme and so many others have sung this song.
Here are the lyrics and midi to Chestnuts Roasting On An Open fire

Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire Chords

[misc christmas] the christmas song (chords)

Thanks for stopping by,

Let It Snow- Jamie Cullum- Jazz Pop

"Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!", also known as "Let It Snow", is a song written by lyricist Sammy Cahn and composer Jule Styne in 1945.

First recorded by Vaughn Monroe, it became a popular hit, reaching number one on the Billboard music chart the following year. One of the best-selling songs of all time, "Let It Snow!" has been covered countless times."!_Let_It_Snow!_Let_It_Snow

Who sang Let It Snow? Well, there's Gloria Estefan, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, Boyz To Men, Andy Williams, Jessica Simpson, Spike Jones, just to name a few...

"Already the biggest selling British jazz artist of all time, Jamie Cullum quickly crossed over into the pop world with a sound that marries superior piano chops with an upbeat variation on confessional 1970s..."

Jamie Cullum - Let It Snow (Solo)

jardinnoel singing let it snow with piano

Let It Snow Lyrics

Christmas Song, Let It Snow Tabs/Chords

Download free mp3 Let It Snow

Visit my site:

O Christmas Tree - A Jazzy Version

O Christmas Tree - A Jazzy Version

"Here is a holiday favorite done with a different twist.
Hope you enjoy it!" cwmsinc

O Christmas Tree - Piano lesson for beginners

O Christmas Tree - Piano lesson for beginners from by Darryl Chute

O Christmas Tree Lyrics

Christmas Carols Lyrics
O Christmas Tree Lyrics

O Christmas Tree Free Sheet Music

O Christmas Tree Chords

D A7 D
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Em A7 D
With faithful leaves unchanging.
A7 D
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Em B7 Em A7 D
With faithful leaves unchanging,
G A7
Not only green in summer's heat,
But also winter's snow and sleet;
A7 D
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Em A7 D
With faithful leaves unchanging.

Learn more from:

12 Secret Gospel Passing Chords

Here's a little bit of theory...

"Diatonic Chords" are simply chords based on notes of the scale. If a song called for a straight AbMaj7 chord for several measures, it would be appropriate to fill in with the other Diatonic Chords. It can add a sense of dynamic motion, without disrupting the inherent harmonic integrity or simplicity of the music. In melody, you've heard of Passing Notes (notes that connect one to the next but aren't part of the chord)? These are Passing Chords.

I found to have an excellent learning system for passing chords.

TUTORIAL: 12 Secret gospel passing chords madameve

GOSPEL EXAMPLE: Passing chords: Cycling through suspensions

A great lesson of Joy To The World using so many wonderful sounding bass chords!

"Passing chords are formed by the stepwise movement of one or more of the voices from a harmony note in one chord to form an intermediate chord or chords on the way to becoming a harmony note in another chord. In other words, passing chord(s) are formed by the stepwise filling in of notes between chords. The stepwise movement may be a filling in by one step or multiple steps."

My friend, James Stevens has this to say:
"It is absolutely true that diminished and dominant 7 chords can lead to BOTH major and minor chords in the same way. But in a technical sense, we might not usually think of this as a PASSING chord. Passing chords a chords that move in between the main chords in a progression, but don't necessarily have the same strong PULL that a dominant or diminished chord may have by wanting to move up a perfect 4th or up a minor 2nd, respectively.

Here is an example of PASSING chords where each chord would represent 1 beat:

C - C - Dm7 - C/E - F. Notice the main chords are C and F. The Dm7 and C/E are just passing chords, but don't by themselves lead strongly in any direction.
Let me give you an example of a Dominant Chord being used as a passing chord. Suppose I was beginning on a C chord and heading to A7, just for fun I might insert a B7 and Bb7 on the way to A7. Even though these two are dominant 7 chords, in this setting, they would be just PASSING chords.

So whereas Dominant and Diminished chords my lead strongly to a certain chord, major or minor, passing chords are just "Passing Through" filling the space in between the main chords of a line to provide a little color."

Hope you've enjoyed adding some color to your playing!
For more info, click here

Coldplay Violet Hill- Play By Ear

What does Coldplay's song Violet Hill mean?

Coldplay has been known for songs with ambiguous lyrics. "Violet Hill" breaks that trend. It's unquestionably a song about war. And it's the first Coldplay song that sounds angry. "Violet Hill" reminds me of the anti-war protest songs of the 60s and 70s. It is strongly rhythmic, with a driving, slightly discordant electric guitar riff, and a strong drumbeat reminiscent of soldiers marching. An instant hit, "Violet Hill" was downloaded 1.5 million times in its first 3 days on the market.

"Violet Hill" is a song by British rock band Coldplay from the band's forthcoming studio album Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. The song was released as the first single from the album on 6 May 2008. A music video for the song was filmed in Sicily, Italy."

Coldplay - Violet Hill (piano cover) play by ear 0AdRiaNleE0

Chords To Coldplay Violet Hill
Was a long and dark December
From the rooftops I remember
A F#m
There was snow, white snow
Clearly I remember from the windows
They were watching while we froze
Down below
When the future architecture
B C#m
By a carnival of idiots on show
You better lie low
A E C#m F#m B C#m
If you love me, won’t you let me know
Was a long and dark December
When the banks became cathedrals
A F#m
And the frost became gone
Creased cut stones and bibles
Are all out to fade their rifles
A F#m
And the cross was held aloft
There in me and I’m…
When I’m dead and hit the ground
C#m B
Legs are cold, unfold
A E C#m F#m B C#m
If you love me, won’t you let me know
C#m C#m A F#m x2
I don’t wanna be a soldier
With a captain of some sinking ship
With snow
Far below
A E C#m F#m B C#m
So, if you love me, why’d you let me go
E A G#m A
I took my love down to Violet Hill
C#m F#m A
| There we sat in snow
C#m F#m A G#m
All that time she was silenced still
E A E C#m F#m B C#m F#m
So, if you love me, won’t you let me know?
E A E C#m F#m B C#m
If you love me, won’t you let me know?

Coldplay Violet Hill Lyrics

Coldplay Lyrics
Violet Hill Lyrics
More at

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Coldplay Viva La Vida

Coldplay Viva La Vida is a favorite with my piano students!!! Once you hear the song and learn the chords, it's so much fun to play! Have a go at it! It's been the year of Coldplay, for sure! The intro is Db5- Eb7sus- Ab- Fm-
Lyrics for Viva La Vida by Coldplay

Coldplay Lyrics
Viva La Vida Lyrics
Coldplay - Viva La Vida Piano Cover By David Sides

Free Download Coldplay Viva La Vida mp3

Chords Used in Coldplay - Viva La Vida

How to play Viva la Vida by Coldplay on the piano (part 1)

Seires88 says "a video showing you how to play viva la vida part 1 of 3...I know some parts are impossible to play but I don't expect you to play them.. I expect you to learn the parts you like the most and play them... if you have any questions... or if you want me to make another video of how to play another song, just message me and I'll do my best to show you. I am not playing the song!!!! But I can easily get more songs to play."
More music at:

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How To Play White Christmas

Who wrote White Christmas?
"January 1940, Irving Berlin, the most popular songwriter in America, raced into his office and asked his musical secretary to take down a new song. "Not only is it the best song I ever wrote, it's the best song anybody ever wrote," he said. His "White Christmas" was a seasonal, secular hymn that has lasted over half a century."

Free White Christmas mp3

White Christmas Lyrics
This site offers the lyrics to the song White Christmas and a brief history of the carol that was written by Irving Berlin in 1942 for the movie Holiday Inn.

How to play "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" Part 1 Brad99r

Piano Tabs: Learn To Play White Christmas With Keyboard Tablature

Piano Tabs: Learn To Play White Christmas With Keyboard Tablature

Author: Peter Edvinsson
This piano lesson will help you read piano tab notation or keyboard tablature. You will find that this type of notation is easy to understand even if you cannot read music sheets. As an example we will use the Christmas song White Christmas.

If you do not understand sheet music at all I encourage you to start learning it. Learn just a few notes at a time and give yourself time to commit the names, how they are played and how they look at a music sheet to your long-term memory.

Making this effort will give you great rewards. Knowing how to read and play piano sheet music will give you access to a nearly unlimited amount of music sheets with melodies, piano solos and more.

Piano tabs can be of great help as you work on learning sheet music notation. They are an easy way to learn melodies, chords and other things on your piano.

There are a few different types of piano tab notation on the net. In this article we will use a simplified form of the most common keyboard tablature notation.

In this system you will use the note names of the keys on your piano. The first note we will localize is the note commonly called middle c. Before you can find it we have to take a look at how the black keys are organized.

Looking at the black keys you will find groups with two or three black keys together. Middle c is located in the middle of your keyboard to the left of two black keys.

Middle c is often called c4. Actually, all white keys to the left of two black keys are called c. The number 4 shows that this c is in the fourth octave of a piano keyboard. An octave is the interval from one c to the next c.

The names of the white keys from one c to the next c is c d e f g a b c. The last note c is called c5 because it is one octave higher than c4.

Middle c is called c4 even on a smaller type of keyboard with less number of octaves. The c one octave to the left of c4 is called c3.

The easy piano tablature notation we will use as we learn to play White Christmas has these easy rules:

1. Lowercase letters show the white keys you are to play. For example, c d e f g a b

2. Black keys will be shown by uppercase letters. The note C shows that you are to play the black key to the right of c. Here is an E-major chord written this way: e G b

3. The octave in which you are to play a note is represented by a number after the letter. As mentioned before, the note c4 tells you to play middle c. The note E5 is the black key to the right of e in the octave to the left of middle c. The notes following a note with a number will only have a number when you change octave. Here is the beginning of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: c4 c g g a a g

Now it is time to learn White Christmas with the help of piano tab notation. I will write the lyrics and the corresponding tabs below:

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

e4 f e D e f F g

Remember, the notes following e4 are played in the same octave. The note D is the black key to the right of d. Let's continue:

Just like the ones I used to know

a b c5 d c b4 a g

Where the treetops glisten and children listen

c d e e e a g c c c g

Here is the last line of the first verse:

To hear sleigh bells in the snow

f e f e d c d

Now it is time to play the next verse. It starts the same way as the first verse but ends with a change in the two last lines:

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

e f e D e f F g

With every Christmas card I write

a b c5 d c b4 a g

May your days be merry and bright

c d e e e a g c5

And may all your Christmases be white

c4 d e e a b3 b b c

In this piano tab notation you will not see the length of the notes but if you try to sing the lyrics as you memorize the tablature lines you will get the rhythm right!
Article Source:
About the Author:
Peter Edvinsson invites you to download your free piano tabs and free piano sheet music at
So many have sung and played this very popular song.
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Now Behold The Lamb by Kirk Franklin

Now Behold The Lamb Lyrics

Kirk Franklin Lyrics
Now Behold The Lamb Lyrics

I love this song! You'll want to write down the chords from this excellent tutorial!
The sounds from these phat chords are great!

Free Gospel Piano Lessons - Now Behold the Lamb, by Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin Gospel Music

"Now Behold The Lamb" by: Kirk Franklin
Key Bb LH/RH


D / Bb-F-C
/ F (2x)
Eb-G / Eb-Bb
/ Bb-C-F
F / A-C-F
/ F-F (octave higher)
/ Bb, C
D / Bb-F-C
/ F
Eb-G / C-F
/ Bb-C-F
F / A-C-F
/ Bb, C
D-Bb / D, Eb, D, Bb
Eb-G / F
/ Bb
F-A-C / A
F#-A-C / A, Bb, A, Bb, A, Bb, A
G-Bb / Bb
/ D
Bb /
/ D
C, G, Bb / Eb
/ Bb
F, C / Eb-G-Bb
F / A, Bb
Bb / C-F-Bb
/ Db, Bb
Bb /

Chorus and Verses (from sheet music):

D / Bb-C-D-F Now be-
Eb / G-Bb-C-F hold the
F / G-A-C-F Lamb
/ F-F (octave higher)
/ Bb, A the
D / C-F-Bb Precious
Eb / G-C-F Lamb of
F / A-C-F God
/ F-F (octave higher)
D / C-D-F-Bb born into
Eb / G-Bb-C-F sin that I

F / A-C-F may
F# / A-C-D live a-
G / G-Bb-D gain, the


A / G-C-Eb or A / E-G-B-D may
D / F#-Bb-C-F live a-
G / F-A-Bb-D gain, the

C / Bb-Eb-G Precious
F, C, F / Bb-Eb-F Lamb of
Bb / Bb-D-F God
(repeat many times)

Modulation chord to C:

G / A-C-F

Modulate to C:

E-E / G-C-D-E Now be-
F-F / A-C-D-G hold the
G-G / C-D-G Lamb
/ B-D-G
G-G /
F-F / the
E-E / D-G-C Precious
F-F / A-D-G Lamb of
G-G / C-D-G God
/ B-D-G
G-G /
F-F /
E-E / D-E-G-C born into
F-F / A-C-D-G sin that I

G-G / B-D-G may
G#-G# / B-D-E live a-
A-A / G-C-E gain, the


B-B / A-D-F or B-B / F#-A-C#-E may
D-D / G#-C-D-G live a-
A-A / G-B-C-E gain, the

D / C-F-A Precious
G / B-D-F-G Lamb of
C / C-E-G God

Vamp (don't know what to call this part):

E / C-E-G Ohhh
F / C-F-A Ohhh
F# / C-D-F#-A Ohhh
G / D-G-B Ohhh
B / B-D-G Ohhh
C / C-E-G Ohhh *go to next part from here
A / C-F-G
B / B-D-G
C / C-E-G

E-E / D-E-G-C You love me
F-F / A-C-D-G so, Lord I

G-G / B-D-G shall
G#-G# / B-D-E never
A-A / G-C-E know


B-B / A-D-F or B-B / F#-A-C#-E shall
D-D / G#-C-D-G never
A-A / G-B-C-E know

D / C-F-A Precious
G / B-D-F-G Lamb of
C / C-E-G God
(go back to Ohhh or end)

That's the whole song. Listen to the CD for rhythm and stuff. I hope this helps someone out!!!

Gospel Music Kirk Franklin

Title: Now Behold the Lamb
Author:Kirk Franklin
Chorded By: Lisa Holden
Rearranged By: ddw4e

Key of: Bb

D / C F Bb - Now behold – (Bb, F, F)
Eb / Bb Eb F– the – (F)
F / A C F – Lamb the (F, F)
D / C F Bb – Precious – (Bb, F, F)
Eb / Bb Eb F – Lamb – (F)
F / A C F – of god (F, F)
D / C F Bb – born into sin (Bb, G, F, F)
Eb / Bb Eb F– that I may (F, F, F)
F / A C F– live (F)
F# / F# Bb C Eb - a- (F)
G/ F Bb D – gain..the – (G, D)
C / Bb D Eb G – Precious Lamb (Eb, G, F)
F / A D Eb G – of (F)
Bb / A C D F god (F)
(Repeat that section)

Section 2:
D / C F Bb – Ho-ly is (Bb, F, F)
Eb / Bb Eb F– the (F)
F / A C F – Lamb the (F, F)
D / C F Bb– Precious Lamb (Bb, G, F, F)
Eb / Bb Eb F– of
F / A C F – god. Why (F, F)
D / C F Bb– You love me so (Bb, G, F, F)
Eb / Bb Eb F – Lord I shall (F, F, F)
F / A C F – Nev- (F)
F# / F# Bb C Eb - ver (G)
G / F Bb D – know the (G, D)
C / Bb D Eb G – Precious Lamb (Eb, G, F)
F / A D Eb G – of (F)
Bb / A C D F god (F)
(Repeat that section)

Now, it is basically those same chords for the rest of the song (the same chords as in Section 2.

When the key changes from Bb to C it is as follows:

C / Bb D Eb G – claim You to be the (D, C, C, Bb, Bb)
F / A D Eb G– Lamb of god (B, G, F, G, Bb)
Bb / A C D F
G / F A C
G / F B D
E / D G C- Now behold – (C, G, G,)
F / C F G– the (G)
F / G D G – Lamb (G)
Etc. Everything is 2 steps higher from the key of Bb.

The notes in ()s are the melody of the song...not the chords

Kirk Franklin Sheet Music

Now Behold The Lamb Kirk Franklin

arr Lisa
Key = Bb
Chord Symbol = Bb
Chord Symbol\Bass (LH) = Bb\D
Melody Note ( Bb)

**Note: Kirk's Music is the only I've seen with "Bb2". What is this "2" business all about?? It's really the "9th".
Most sheet music I've seen, the chord symbol would say "Bbadd9" which would indicate a Bb triad (Bb D F)
and adding "C" for the 9th for (Bb D F C).

However, "Bb9" means a dominate chord and the Ab would be included to make "Bb D F Ab C". So, they DO
want "C" but not the Ab making it dominate. If you are counting the Bb scale:
Bb, C, D, Eb, F, G, A, Bb
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

then it's clear that "C" is also the 2nd note or "2". Interesting take on that :-)


Section 1:
Bb2\D - Now Behold (Bb, F, F)
Eb6/9 the (F)
F2 Lamb the (F, F)
Bb2\D Precious (Bb, F, F)
Eb6/9 Lamb (F)
F2 of God (F, F)
Bb2\D Born into sin (Bb, G, F, F)
Eb6/9 that I may (F, F, F)
F live (F)
D7\F# - a-gain (F, G)
Gm the (D)
Cm7 Precious Lamb (Eb, G, F)
F7sus of God (F, F)
(Repeat that section)

Section 2:
Bb2\D Ho-ly is (Bb, F, F)
Eb6/9 the (F)
Fsus to F Lamb the (F, F)
Bb2\D Precious Lamb (Bb, G, F, F)
Eb6/9 of
Fsus to F God. Why (F, F)
Bb\D You love me so (Bb, G, F, F)
Eb6/9 Lord I shall (F, F, F)
F Nev- (F)
D7\F# - ver (G)
Gm7 know the (G, D)
Cm7 Precious Lamb (Eb, G, F)
F7 of God (F, F)
(Repeat that section)

Now, it is basically those same chords for the rest of the song (the same chords as in Section 2.

When the key changes from Bb to C it is as follows:

Cm7 claim You to be the (D, C, C, Bb, Bb)
Fsus to F Lamb of God (B, G, F, G, Bb)
G ****
C2\E - Now behold (C, G, G,)
F6/9 the (G)
Gsus to G Lamb (G)
Etc. Everything is 1 step higher from the key of Bb.

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