How to Play Great Balls of Fire - Old Time Rock and Roll Piano

Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls Of Fire 1957
I grew up listening to the ever popular Jerry Lewis play old time rock and roll piano!
Here he is with his fast playing, unique style! He is a great piano player to learn from because he had such great energy performing!

Hear what chrismarx85 has to say:
"I've broken down standard rock piano patterns so that we can learn the hands separate first and then together. It is a simple pattern over and over again on the C F G chords. Don't worry about hitting all the notes with 100% accuracy, this song is more about the fast rhythm of the notes!"
For the complete free piano lesson, click here:

More on Jerry Lee Lewis from Chris:

Piano Sheet Music:

CRAZY piano bass line for Swinging Rock Songs - Advanced from chrismarx85

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