Free Halloween Piano Music

Happy Halloween!

This is the piano theme from the soundtrack for the movie "Halloween" by John Carpenter. The director/co-writer is also the composer of a great soundtrack for this great film.

Halloween Theme Piano Cover - Sheet music

Great piano playing by pianolion! He offers free sheet music to the song here.

 What's happening in this song that produces this eery sound? Probably Augmented chords.

 F#F#/ C#, F#, F#, C#, F#, F#, C#, F#, D, F#...

 Here's a selection of sites that offer special songs for this holiday.

 Halloween Songs for Beginners


 Halloween Music

 Halloween Sheet Music for Spooky Songs

 Free Halloween Piano Music

 Free Virtual Sheet Music

Free Sheet Music-Yoke Wong

 Additional Resource:

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

-- LadyD

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Monir Sider said...

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