Hearing The Changes

Several years ago (2007) I signed up Greg Hannon's online Keyboard Tricks & More.

This very gifted keyboard player has many chord dvds and transposition charts for sale. One major point from Greg's teaching is focusing on "The Ear!" To listen to yourself playing by ear, focus on two things:

1. The dark sound of the minor key


2. The "vi" as the tonal center or the tonic.


Here's what Greg has to say from one of his lessons that I discovered online and have applied to my piano practice...
"Let's look at some popular chords used in the key of Gb major. This progression will be built around the vi chord of this key which is an Ebm chord. When thee tonal center of a key is temporarily switched to another key, we call this tonicization. In this lesson we are tonicizing the vi which is Eb minor. Therefor the I chord is temporarily replaced by the vi chord."

6-5-4 in Db
6- Ebm7= Eb Bb Eb/ Bb Db Eb Gb
5- Db2= Db Ab Db/ Ab Db Eb F Ab
4- Cbmaj9= Cb Eb Gb/ Bb Db Eb Gb

2-5-1 in Eb minor
2- Fm7b5= F Eb/ Eb Ab Cb
5- Bb7#5#9= Bb Ab/ D F# Ab C#
1- Ebm7= Eb Bb Eb/ Bb Db Eb Gb

4-5-1 in Eb minor
4- Abm7= Ab Eb/ Gb Cb Eb
5- Bb7#5= Bb F/ Ab D F#
1- Ebm7= Eb Bb Eb/ Bb Db Eb Gb

Then Greg goes in a different direction with this lesson building on the 1-2-3 progression, adding a few non-diatonic chords and a classic 4-5-1 progression.

1-2-3 in Db
1- DB2= Db Ab Db/ Ab Db Eb F Ab
2- Ebm7= Eb Bb Eb/ Gb Bb Db Gb
3- Db2/F= F Eb/ Ab Db Eb Ab

Alternate Chord Quality

2*- Ebm7b5/Gb= Gb Db Gb/ A Db Eb Gb
5- Db2/Ab= Ab Eb/ Ab Db F Ab
6- Bbm7= Bb F/ Ab Db F Ab
5- Ab11= Ab Gb/ Bb Db Eb Ab

4-5-1 in Db (with the 3rd is in the root on the 4 & 5)

4- Gb2/Bb= Bb/ Gb Ab Bb Db
5- Ab2/C= C/ Ab Bb C Eb
1- Db2= Db Ab Db/ Ab Db Eb F Ab

A resource for learning to hear jazz chord progressions and tonal shifts is at


Here is a free list of songs in Eb minor


All the best,
~ LadyD

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Digital Downloads at Hear and Play.com

First, I want to thank all of you who are in the military, serving our country, to protect our freedom!

Then, this new post on Memorial Day, 2009 is to let you know of a sale that will end tonight... I apologize for the late notice! It seems Jermaine Griggs, the founder of HearandPlay, who teaches you how to play the piano by ear, is now going digital!

Yes, I just got word from my good friend, Jermaine Griggs over at Hear and Play Music... that he's running a "Memorial Day Weekend" 40% off sale that ends
tonight (Monday, May 25, 2009).

Digital Downloads

But what's so special about it is that for the first time ever, he's released "digital
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That means that you can literally download his courses to your computer and start learning piano within minutes after your purchase.

And if you've heard me talk about hearandplay before, then you know how good their courses are for learning piano by ear (especially gospel and soul music).

They've got material all the way from gospel to jazz and salsa --- from chords to worship patterns... from piano and organ to drums and even singing.

Digital Downloads

But if you're interested in their digitally downloadable material, now is really the time to take action because you're not going to beat their 40% off deal going on thru midnight tonight.

(And if you know Jermaine, you know that he doesn't do these sales often. Heck it took him 9 years to finally decide to release downloadable material. So take advantage while he's doing it).

Digital Downloads

Here's what Jermaine says, "And as you know by now, I've used this special
holiday weekend to announce, for the first time
ever, "digital downloads!"

That means you can now download our courses
directly to your computer minutes after
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And to celebrate, I'm slashing 40% off now thru
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This rare 40% off special is also my way of saying
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Here's why you want to take advantage of this
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-Now thru TONIGHT (11:59 pm), I'm slashing an
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-Download our best-selling courses in minutes. Start
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-No waiting for your package to arrive in the mail.

-Download any time you want, on as many computers
as you want. I've invested $15,000 to create a
download center from the ground up. This download
center allows you to log in from anywhere and
download courses you've purchased any time. So you
never have to worry about your computer crashing
or losing what you've paid for... or anything like

-Go green! By downloading our courses electronically,
you're helping the environment. No dvds to
manufacture, no pollution caused by delivery trucks,
no storage. Everything's digital!

Happy Memorial Day!
~ LadyD

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How To Play Minor Scales

Here is a list of traditional songs to practice in minor keys:

I Feel Like My Time Ain't Long
I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
Go Tell It On The Mountain (verse is in minor; chorus is in major)
Go Down Moses
Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho
Motherless Child Really Sees It Hard
Wade In The Water
Weepin' Mary
What Child Is This
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
We Three Kings
Be Grateful in E minor
Lord I Try in Db minor
Call Me in E minor
With the Love of the Lord E minor


Listen to Victory Is Mine
D minor and all minor chords version


Duane has an excellent chart on minor chords. learn to play chords in the minor scales.


Duane Shinn says "Minor chords create a sound which is somber or serious; some people even think of minor chords as "sad", as opposed to major chords which sound "normal", or "happy". Some of the great classics are written in minor keys, including Fur Elise by Beethoven, Prelude in C# Minor by Rachmaninoff, Prelude in Cm by Chopin, and many others. In popular music there is "Summertime", "A Taste of Honey", "'Round Midnight", etc. and in folk music there is "Greensleeves", "Dark Eyes", "Volga Boatman","When Johnny Comes Marching Home" and many more."


* Mary Did You Know- Kathy Mattea

Em D Am Bsus B7
Mary did you know that your baby boy would some day walk on water

Em D Am Bsus B7
Mary did you know that your baby boy would save our sons and daughters

Am D G D/F# Em
Did you know that your baby boy has come to make you new

Am Am Bsus B
This child that you've delivered will soon deliver you

Em D Am Bsus B7
Mary did you know that your baby boy will give sight to a blind man

Em D Am Bsus B7
Mary did you know that your baby boy will calm the storm with his hand

Am D G D/F# Em
Did you know that your baby boy has walked where angels trod

Am Am Bsus B7
When you've kissed your little baby then you've kissed the face of God

Em D Am Bsus B7 Em D Am Bsus B7
Mary did you know Mary did you know

C D Em D C
The blind will see, the deaf will hear, the dead will live again

Am D Em Bsus B7
The lame will leap, the dumb will speak, the praises of the lamb

Em D Am Bsus B7
Mary did you know that your baby boy is Lord of all creation

Em D Am Bsus B7
Mary did you know that your baby boy will one day rule the nations

Am D G D/F# Em
Did you know that your baby boy was heaven's perfect lamb

Am Am Bsus B7 Em D Am B7 Em
This sleeping child you're holding is the great "I AM"


* The Natural Minor Scales

These scales have seven different scale degrees. There are half steps between the second and third and the fifth and sixth degrees; whole steps exist between all other steps. Shown below is the A minor scale.

* The Harmonic Minor Scale

This scale is the same as the natural minor scale, except the seventh step is raised a half step. There is now an interval of one half step between the seventh and eighth notes, and one and a half steps between the sixth and seventh notes. This is a harmonic A minor.

* The Melodic Minor Scale

This is another minor scale variation. In this scale, the sixth and seventh notes are each raised one half step. All the patterns to this point have been the same as one climbs and descends the scales. The melodic minor scale, however, ascends with the modifications noted above, but descends in the natural minor scale. This is a melodic A minor.


* Free Downloads from Edward Weiss

Coral Reef- very pretty piece in A minor

Forest Path- so beautiful, you'll want to get the music by Quiescence Music

Cirrus- another pretty one page song


* How Music Works: Harmonic Minor Scale
Great article here


* The secret to playing harmonic minor scales
Jermaine Griggs over at Hearandplay wrote a great blog entry on minor scales


Piano Lesson #5 - The A Minor Scale by MillerMusicStudiosTV

Piano Lesson #5 - How to find any relative minor scale. This video concentrates on the A minor scale as relative to C Major. We cover the 3 types of minor scales and how to practice them. Also, the fifth & final section of Circus Music Duet... Diane does a great job with this teaching tutorial of minor scales.


An example of a minor song, Arabian Nights, sample page download:


Hear and Play Jazz 201: How To Find The Melodic Minor For Any Dominant Chord


"Never Leave Jazz Chording and Soloing to Guesswork Again!

In Over 5 Hours, You'll Learn Exactly What It Takes To Sound Like You've Been Playing Jazz For Years!"

Discover the secrets to easily playing TONS of your favorite jazz numbers without sheet music or chord charts. You'll even learn how to incorporate the chords and soloing techniques you learn into real songs!

Master professional jazz voicings, progressions, and common patterns that'll have you playing like experienced pros in months... if not weeks!

Learn to make songs "your own" by applying several proven soloing strategies that work every time... even when you feel like you're in trouble and can't think of anything unique to play.

Discover the secrets to key changes and instantly transposing chords, riffs, and licks without having to memorize anything!

Uncover the secrets to creating seamless harmonic jazz movements.

Shortcuts to playing dozens of "2-5-1" chord progressions with seventh and ninth chords and how to make subtle changes that totally alter the way the chords sound!"


Jazz 201

Jazz 101

So, to recap today's post... practice playing:

A relative minor scale (all white keys)

A harmonic minor scale (sharp the 7th tone 1/2 step)
A B C D E F G# A

A melodic minor scale
A B C D E F# G# A (ascending)
A G# F E D C B A (descending)

All the best,
~ LadyD

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Souled Out by Hezekiah Walker

You see, I can't get this song out of my mind and heart, the #1 song, because I'm Souled Out! Recorded live at the Love Fellowship Tabernacle in Bensalem, PA, Souled Out is a classic Hezekiah Walker & LFC recording full of energy and praise.
* Hezekiah Walker- Souled Out {LIVE}

* Hezekiah Walker & The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir bring you to your feet with the title track from their latest release. Fun with a punch - that's "Souled Out." Purchase download


* Black Gospel Song "Souled Out" is the #1 Played Song on Radio This Week
One of the top gospel songs for this week according to Radio and Records is Hezekiah Walker's Souled Out.


* The lead single from Hezekiah Walker's album entitled Souled Out was released November 4, 2008... listen to the CD here:


* (P.1) Souled Out - Hezekiah Walker by jessroy2004
SIMPLIFIED Chord Breakdown for Piano
-(Please search for more advanced tutorials if needed, and keep in mind that these are severely simplified tutorials)

* (P.2) Souled Out - Hezekiah Walker

* Souled Out Piano Tutorial Gospel Music Download
You can buy a download of this tutorial from Payloadz for $4.95 at


* Hezekiah Walker Souled Out Lyrics


I am souled out, my mind is made up (x4)
Who can separate us from the love Jesus
Not death, nor life
Jesus paid the price, now I'm free from sin
I am souled out, my mind is made up (x2)
I've come through the fire, I've come through the rain
But God, He never left my side
He's my comfort through all hurt and pain
I am souled out (x 6)
[invert harmony up]
I am souled out (x 6)
My heart is fixed, my mind's made up
No room, no vacancies, I'm all filled up
His Spirit lives in me
- and that's the reason - I'm Souled Out!
My heart is fixed, my mind's made up
No room, no vacancies, I'm all filled up
His Spirit lives in me
- and that's the reason - I'm Souled Out!
Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
My heart is fixed, my mind's made up
No room, no vacancies, I'm all filled up
His Spirit lives in me
- and that's the reason - I'm Souled Out!
* Other Related Piano tutorials to Souled Out


Very Impressive! (Jmartime)


Key of F (iDissectMusic)


Sam's Gospel Music Workshop " Souled Out"


Piano Tutorial - Souled Out - Hezekiah Walker (StarlingSounds)


Have fun learning the song and playing Souled Out, full of energy and praise!
All the best,
~ LadyD

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The Very Best of Praise and Worship- Songs of Praise For the Family

With Mother's Day on the way, I want to share with you one fabulous CD that moms and grandmas would enjoy listening to... and many musicians, church musicians and piano students will enjoy playing along with the chords to a few songs listed below.
The Very Best of Praise & Worship

On the album, The Very Best of Praise & Worship: Songs of Praise For the Family, released in 2008, are various artists. You can listen to the tracks on the CD at:


* Great Is Your Mercy (Track #3) Donnie McClurkin


Chords to song:

C / A D Gb ---------- Great
Bb / Bb D F G ---------- is
A / C D F A ---------- Your
G / Bb D F A,Bb ---------- Mer - cy
D / Bb C D F ---------- t'wards
C / G Bb C E ---------- me
C / G Bb C E ---------- Your
D / Bb D F ---------- lov
E / Bb C E G ---------- ing
F / C E G ---------- kind
F / C F A ---------- ness
Bb / A C D F ---------- t'wards
D / F A C D ---------- me
D / A C D Gb ---------- Your
E / Bb C E G ---------- tend
Gb / C D Gb A ---------- er
G / Bb D F A,Bb ---------- Mer-cies
D / A Bb D F ---------- I
C / G Bb C E ---------- see
A / G C E ---------- day
A / A D F ---------- af
A / B D G ---------- ter
D / B D Gb A ---------- day
A / B D G
D / A C D ---------- Gb
C / A C D Gb ---------- For
Bb / Bb D F G ---------- ev
A / C D F A ---------- er
G / Bb D F A,Bb ---------- Faith-ul
D / A Bb D F ---------- t'wards
C / G Bb C E ---------- me
C / G Bb C E ---------- You're
C / G Bb C E ---------- al
D / A Bb D G ---------- ways
E / C E G ---------- pro
F / E G C ---------- vid
F / C F A ---------- ing
F / A C F ---------- for
D / F A C D ---------- me
C / A C F ---------- Great
Bb / Bb D F G ---------- is
A / C D F A ---------- Your
G / Bb D F A,Bb ---------- Mer-cy
D / Bb C D F ---------- t'wards
C / G Bb C E ---------- me
A / G C E ---------- day
A / A D F ---------- af.......
A / B D G ---------- ter
D / B D Gb A ---------- day
A / B D G
D / A C D Gb


"This family-oriented 2008 collection presents a fine set of praise & worship songs by contemporary gospel artists. Donnie McClurkin (the gentle "Great Is Your Mercy"), Kirk Franklin (the moving "Why We Sing"), and Martha Munizzi (the passionate "Say the Name") are just a few of the renowned names on the 12-track compilation."


* Piano Tutorial to Great is Your Mercy


* Total Praise (Track #7) Richard Smallwood
Listen to the music clip:


* Chord Chart to Total Praise

Total Praise-Richard Smallwood:Key-Db

Db,(Ab)/Eb-F-Ab-Db (4 x's)

Db/Eb-F-Ab-Db.......Lord--(C-bass note)








































Ab/Ab-Db-F...You are the







Eb/G-Bb-Db-F.............you are



Gb/Bb-Db-F-Ab.......strength of

Gb/F-Ab-Db, Gb-Ab-Eb.........my life













*Go back to * to repeat chorus








*play inversions of the above chords to complete.

Here also are the closing Chords to "Total Praise"

Key of Db

Db / F-Ab-Db

B / Eb-Gb-Db

A / Gb-A-Db

Ab / F-Ab-Db

Gb / Gb-A-Db

F / Ab-B-Db

Gb / Gb-A-Db

Ab / Eb-Ab-C

Db / F-Ab-Db

* Piano Tutorial to Total Praise


* Imagine Me (Track #10) Kirk Franklin

I did an earlier post on this song. You can view the chords at:


* Friend of God (Track #9) Israel Houghton


* Say the Name (Track #4) Martha Munizzi
Listen to the Music Clip:


Piano tutorial 7-3-6-2-5-1


* Chord Chart
Say the name of Jesus by Clint Brown & Martha Munizzi

Arr by Lauragal

Key of Eb

Intro - Abmaj7 (4 beats) Eb/G (4 beats) Dbmaj7 (4 beats) Ab/Bb (4 beats)

Say the name - Eb
of Je - Ab/Eb
sus - Eb
say the - Bb/D
name of Jesus - Cm
say the Eb/Bb
name - Ab
so precious Eb/G
No other - Fm7
name I Eb/G
know Ab/Bb

that can
calm your fears and - Bbm7/Eb
dry you tears and Eb/G
wipe a- Abmaj7
way your Eb/G
pain, when you Fm7
don't know what Fm9
else to pray Eb/G
when you
can't find the Fm9
words to say Eb/G
say the
name Eb
Ab/Bb Bb Ab/Bb Bb (back to top)

2nd ending (say the name) - Bbm7 A7sus

Jesus Abmaj7
Jesus Eb/G
Cm7 Bbm7 Eb7
Jesus Abmaj7
Jesus Eb/G
Cm7 Bbm7 Eb7 (repeat from Jesus)

He's Cm7
Gonna Bbm7
make a- Abmaj7
way when you say Eb/G
(back to Jesus)

(then to the fast Jesus)
Jesus Abmaj7
Jesus Eb/G
Jesus Cm7 Bbm7 Eb7
Jesus Abmaj7
Jesus Eb/G
He's Cm
gonna Eb/G
make Bbm7
way Eb7
Jesus Abmaj7
Jesus Eb/G
Cm7 Bb/C
when you C/E
dont know what Fm9
else to Eb/G
pray Ab/Bb
When you Bb/C
can't find the Fm9
words to say Eb/G
when you
can't make it Fm9
through another day F/A
say the
name Abmaj7


Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

~ LadyD

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