Learn To Play Ballerina Girl

Cover of "Dancing on Ceiling"
Cover of Dancing on Ceiling

 If you haven't heard by now... I'm a huge fan of Lionel Richie. You can find the chords to Jesus Is Love that I posted awhile back. There's another cool song written by this artist in 1986, Ballerina Girl . It's from the Dancing on the Ceiling album. It's a moderate tempo in the Key of C.

Chord Progression

Lionel Richie Anthology (Book in my music library of Lionel Richie songs, piano and guitar)


F  Am  G (2 times)

Ballerina Girl
C               F/C  G/C  Dm/C
You are so lovely
With you standing there
F            G
I'm so aware
                                      Cmaj7  Dm/C
Of how much I care for you
C                            F
You are more than now
G                F/C  G/C  Dm/C
You are for always
I can see in you
 F                          G
My dreams come true
                              Cmaj7  F/C  Cmaj7
Don't you ever go away

  Fmaj7           Em7
You make me feel like
            Dm7                 C  F/C  G/C
There's nothing I can't do
 Fmaj7         Em7
And when I hold you
  Dm7              Gsus4
I only want to say
  C/G    Dm/G
I love you

Ballerina Girl
       G           F/C  G/C  Dm/C
The joy you bring me
Every day and night
 F                  G
Holding you tight
                                         Cmaj7  F/C  Cmaj7
How I've waited for your love

 Fmaj7                Em7
Sometimes I've wondered
              Dm7              C  F/C  G/C
If you'd ever come my way
 Fmaj7           Em7
Now that I've finally found you
 Dm7                     F/G         Em/G  F/G
This is where my heart will stay

C/G  Dm/G  Em/G  C  F  G
F/C  G/C  Dm/C  C  F  G
Cmaj7  F/C  Cmaj7  Dm9

      Fmaj7       G                   Dm9
I'm never gonna break your heart
 Fmaj9       G             Dm9
Never will we drift apart
           Fmaj7          G
'Cause all I wanna do
         Am               F             G
Is share my whole life with you
Fmaj7                         Em7
'Cause you make me feel like
             Dm7                C  F/C  G/C
There's nothing I can't do
Fmaj7                 Em7
I guess I finally realized
Dm7                                F/G     Em/G
There's nothing else like loving you

F/G  C/G  Dm/G  Em/G

C             F
Ballerina Girl
G               F/C  G/C  Dm/C
You are so lovely
 C               F
I can see in you
My dreams come true
                               Cmaj7 F/C  Cmaj7  (F  Am  G 2 xs)
Don't you ever go away
Ballerina Girl

Dancing On the Ceiling

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