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Kirk Franklin: 911

About Kirk Franklin

b. 26 January 1970, Fort Worth, Texas, USA. A meteoric success story in gospel music, a genre more usually associated with the longevity of its artists, Franklin made a huge impact with his 1993 debut. A fixture at the top of the US Contemporary Christian and Gospel charts, and the first platinum selling gospel album, it featured powerful performances from the 17-piece "Family" of musicians and singers, many of whom were drawn from Franklin's home town of Fort Worth, Texas.
Franklin was raised by his aunt as a strict Baptist, and he was leading the Mt. Rose Baptist Church choir by the time he was 11. Despite a troubled and rebellious teenage period, by his early twenties Franklin was writing material for gospel greats including Rev. Milton Biggham, Daryl Coley, Yolanda Adams and Rev. John P. Kee. The success of his debut saw the Family booked to appear on syndicated USA television programme The Arsenio Hall Show, while contemporary artists as diverse as Ice Cube and R. Kelly paid public respect to their craft. Subsequent albums established Franklin  
and his bands (God's Property and Nu Nation) as probably contemporary gospel's biggest and most commercially successful artist, and have featured guest appearances from artists including Kelly, Bono and Mary J. Blige. He has also topped the US R&B charts on several occasions, most notably with the 1997 single "Stomp" and the attendant God's Property From Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation, while his 2007 release The Fight Of My Life broke into the mainstream Top 40. Franklin has won five Grammys in addition to numerous Stellar Awards.
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Video of 911


 Chord Chart for 911

This song was written in 2002. You'll be playing the song in the Key of F in 4/4 time. Here's some of the chords I've figured out.

(feat. TD Jakes)

[Daughter:] Hello
[Kirk:] Hey, it's me, Kirk, I need to speak to Bishop
[Daughter:] Sure, hold on...

[Jakes:] Hello...
[Kirk:] Hey... I got some stuff I need to talk to you about
Lately, pastor I've been...having all these crazy kind of dreams
 Bb                                  C
It's hard to sleep, I can't eat...scary, you know
[Jakes:] I know what you mean
             Dm9                                C                                              Bb
[Kirk:] I mean, every since that Tuesday, seems like life's just getting real strange
[Jakes:] I hear ya
Anthrax, terrorist attacks and... I ain't even trying to get on no plane
[Jakes:] I feel ya
                 Dm9                                                     C
[Kirk:] ...and you know when I try to pray, there's a voice that telling that God's not real
[Jakes:] You know that's just the enemy
[Kirk:] Yea, but you ain't feelin' me
[Jakes:] No son, I know just know you feel...
Gsus/Eb                                                                                Asus
See, just because I preach and teach don't mean I don't get scared sometimes
             G2/B                            A7/C#
[Kirk:] yea, whatever, but you T.D. Jakes
[Jakes:] Well, then I don't make mistakes...
[Kirk:] Well...
[Jakes:] Now, let me tell you what's on my mind...
When your smile is gone (He cares)
[Kirk:] Yea, but I feel so alone (He's there and...)
[Jakes:] Although, your heart is heavy, God said: (every burden I will bear)
[Kirk:] See, but you don't know my (my pain)
And I'm getting so sick and tired of all (this rain)
I just got laid off, and to top it off the rent's due, so tell me what I got to gain?
[Jakes:] Well, see, trials come to make (you strong)
Storms won't last (last long)
[Kirk:] But how can I trust God in all this mess?
[Jakes:] Well, see that's the reason for the song
See, wherever you go there's one thing ya got to know
God, is right there by your side (weeping may endure for a night)
And he told me to tell you everything (everything's gon' be alright)

So thank you for's always good to hear from you
[Kirk:] yea, but...
[Jakes:] But I gotta go now
[Kirk:] wait a minute...
[Jakes:] I got another call on line 2
[Kirk:] But I ain't through

[Kirk:] See I'm sick and tired of all these church folk talking about stuff ain't as bad as it seems
See, y'all don't feel my pain...
[Jakes:] I don't have pain...?
[Kirk:] I don't see how on the cover on Time magazine
[Jakes:] See, but you're looking at now and you don't know how I struggled and what I've been through
[Kirk:] Yea, whatever...
[Jakes:] Now, you crossed the line...
[Kirk:] I'm just speakin' my mind
[Jakes:] O.K. so let me speak mine, too (Hmmmmmm)
I've made some mountains, I've seen some valleys, I've even had to cry sometimes
Like when I lost my mother
[Kirk:] Your mother?
[Jakes:] My mother:
[Kirk:] I'm sorry...
[Jakes:] No son...that's fine: ...see life is full of ups and downs but God said
(the storm won't last long)
[Kirk:] But how'd you make it through?
[Jakes:] Boy, I thought you was His (love that kept me strong)
When your smile is gone (He cares)
[Kirk:] But I feel so alone (He's there and...)
[Jakes:] Although, your heart is heavy, God said...(every burden I will bear)
[Kirk:] yea, but see...y'all don't feel (my pain)
And I'm getting very sick and tired of all this (this rain)
Just got laid off, and to top it off the rent's due, so tell me, Bishop, what I gotta gain?
[Jakes:] Didn't I tell you trials come to make (you strong)
And those old storms won't (last long)
[Kirk:] How can I trust God in the midst of all this mess?
[Jakes:] See that's the reason for this song
Wherever you go there's something ya got to know (God still cares)
(weeping may endure for a night)
And he told me to tell you (everything's gon' be alright)
[Kirk:] Thank you pastor
Jakes: Any time...
              F/A                          Gm7        G7/B
[Kirk:] I think I can make it now...just tell me what I need to do
                 C2              A/C#
[Jakes:] Just pray this prayer with me...
         Dm                                                           Bb            F/A
Say: Father (Father) forgive me (forgive me) I'm sorry (I'm sorry)
                                         Gm7            G7/B
Please help me (help me) I love you (I love you) I need you (I need you)
C2              A/C#    
Hold me (hold me) Jesus (Jesus)
Dm                                                           Bb                                    F/A
My heart (my heart) my soul (my soul) please take (please take) control (control)
Gm7              G7/B                     C2           C#dim7
Right now (Now) now (now) now (now) (right now)
              Dm                              C2
[Jakes:] When you ain't got no smile (he cares)
[Kirk:] and even when you feel so alone (he's there and...)
[Jakes:] Although your heart is heavy, God said (every burden I will bear)
[Kirk:] And even in the midst of all ya (pain)
And when you're sick and tired of all the rain (this rain)
Bbmaj7                                                                    C2
Remember that the rain won't last always...and in Christ Jesus, you got so much to gain
[Jakes:] You see your trials come to make you (strong)
And the storms won't last (too long)
[Kirk:] Remember my brother, my's only temporary
[Jakes:] See that's the reason for this song
Wherever you go
[Kirk:] There's something you've got to know
[Jakes:] God is still there (weeping may endure for a night)
               G/B                                A/C#                     Dm
[Kirk:] And told me to tell you (everthing's gon' be alright)

[ad lib to end] C2  Bbmaj7   C2

What I'm Playing

L.H. / R.H.

Dm9 = D/CEFA

Bb = Bb/DF

Bbmaj7 = Bb/AD

 C = C/EG

C2 = C/GD  and C/GDE

C#dim7 = C#/EGB

Gsus/Eb = Eb/GCDG

Asus = A/DEA

G2/B = B/ADG

Gm7 = G/BbD

A7/C# = C#/AEG

A/C# = C#/AE

B/G7 = B/GF

Ebmaj7 = Eb/BbCF

Hope you enjoyed following along with this one. Have some other Kirk Franklin songs you're working on? You may find them on this site. Just do a search and hopefully you'll find what you're looking for. I'm a huge fan of Kirk Franklin!

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