Let Everything: Kim Gentes

Kim Gentes: Song Writer and Worship Leader

Kim Anthony Gentes is a great song writer and worship leader. I've talked about him before and you can find the chords to another one of his songs, You're My Refuge.

In 2009, he wrote a song, Let Everything. This is a great fast-paced worship song in the key of E major. For more information, visit his website www.kimgentes.com

Songs from the album, Kingdom Rain

1. Let Everything
2. Kingdom Rain
3. Holy, Holy Is The Lord  Almighty
4. Whispers Like Thunder
5. Only Jesus
6. All of Me For All of You
7. You're My Refuge
8. In Your Presence
9. Run To You
10. Made To Worship
11. Bless The Lord
12. Wash Over Me

Here's a chord chart to the song from guitarmann and you can also download the PDF version, here.

E5  B/E E5  B/E A5/E  B/E  A5/E  B/E
      E5                                                             B/E        E5                                                          B/E
Let everything that has breath, let everything that has breath                    A5/E     B/E                        A5/E      B/E 2/4: A B To End: E5Praise the Lord               Praise the Lord     (repeat section) 
E5                                B/D #                 A/F #           B
Come all you tired and weary, come all you lost and lonely E5                                 B/D #                A                   B
Come all you broken-hearted, offer up the sound, offer up the sound                                                                                 E5 B/E E5 B/E A5/E B/E A5/E B/E
E5                               B/D #          A/F #         B
Come every generation, come every tribe and nation E5                               B/D Come all you sons and daughters A                                B                                A                               B
Offer up the sound, offer up the sound; offer up the sound, offer up the sound 
E5                         B/D #                    A/F #            B
Come, all creation bow down; come, all the heavens resound E5                               B/D #                       A                          B
Come, every star in the night sky, let creation sing, let creation sing 
E5                                  B/D #                        A/F #                   B
Come, let the instruments worship, dance to the Lord, cast your cares upon Him E5                                        B/D Come, with the pounding rhythms A                                 B                               A                               B
Offer up the sound, offer up the sound; offer up the sound, offer up the sound A                   B       A                  B       A                   B
Let creation sing let creation sing offer up the sound

Also, you may be interested in looking at a timeline that Kim created, reviewing 15-years-of-modern-worshipI hope this song is a blessing for you.

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Do you have a favorite song by Kim Gentes? Check out Kingdom Rain

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