Other Side of the Radio by Chris Rice

Are you familiar with the artist  Chris Rice? Here's a short blurb from Wikipedia:

"Chris Rice is an American songwriter who works in the contemporary Christian music, contemporary folk, and adult contemporary genres with a style similar to David Wilcox and James Taylor. He became a recording artist as well in 1996 after signing a contract with Michael W. Smith's record label and releasing his debut album, Deep Enough to Dream."

Here is the chord chart to one of my favorite songs by Chris Rice called  Other Side of the Radio

Intro: Dsus  Asus 3x

Verse 1:

Dsus                                           Asus
Here I am on the other side of the radio
Dsus          Asus
Wonderin' why i'm here and why anybody cares what I say
Dsus               F#m
No i'm not a better man cause i'm singing songs on the radio
E        D
Cause we're all the same At the end of the day
Dsus        Asus
Now I imagine you on the other side of the radio
Dsus             Asus
Doin' your homework or driving with your windows down on the freeway
Dsus              F#m
I see you tapping the wheel i see you bobbing your head to the radio
E           D
Oh and it makes my day, to see that smile on your face
E   D     E   
And in some small way, I remember my place
A     E
Cause it's you and me singing the same song right now
    F#m       D
And maybe this'll bring us together somehow
      A        E   B  
And maybe there's a million people all singing along
       A          E
Somebody started thinking about the third line
      F#m   D 
And maybe someone's saying a prayer for the first time
        A    E       B
And that's enough a reason to keep me singing my song
         D         A
Singing my songs on the other side of the radio

Verse 2:

Crank up the volume and sing at the top of your lungs with the radio
Tune it in to some good news and laughin' along with the DJ
We're changing somebody's world from the other side of the radio
Oh and it makes my day to see that smile on your face
And in some small way I remember my place


Bridge: (I have to figure it out)

Repeat Chorus:

Repeat Chorus progression without words and end on A
Artist: Chris Rice
Copyright Credits: Album: Run The Earth, Watch The Sky Written By: Chris Rice

Chris Rice - Other Side Of The Radio 

from his album RunThe earth, Watch The Sky

Sometimes simplicity is best. I think Chris is brilliant in writing this song. Let me know your thoughts on this when you have the time.

 I wrote an article about the music alphabet for beginners. If you're interested visit:

 All the best,
~ LadyD

Charlie Parker once said "Learn the changes and then forget them."
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