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Dear Reader's and Fellow Musicians,

From time to time  I make mention of music products, music sites and affiliate programs that I personally endorse. To be specific, you've heard me talk about In fact we had a membership drive contest and I came in third place and won $250.00 I am a moderator for the site and continue to endorse Jermaine Griggs' products.

I have also supported Willie Myette and Yoke Wong's musician sites and have endorsed their products as well. So you know when LadyD mentions a specific website, you will find me actively participating in the Forum and owning various Jazz and Gospel piano resources that I think are wonderful.

Well, the time has come for me to announce some exciting news. I was invited by Nick Oba, the founder of Fortitude to join the Fortitude Online Magazine's community of writers and share what I know about my particular niche, which you all know is teaching music! If you didn't know that, please read my blog profile! In fact I write about Greek food, too. I also love to write about my opinion of who I think are great upcoming musicians for the world to take notice!

Anyways, Nick dreams big and knows the potential we all have as writers. So, I entered an article about music, of course, called The Three R's of Singing for the launch of the new online magazine called Fortitude. Take a peek and see what you think:
On June 7th, the day of the launch, this article was on the Front Page of the new magazine site and I had received earnings for my hard work. Oh, my gosh, I immediate let my family know of my good news and now I am sharing with you, my family of musicians.

I was so thrilled to see that a community of writers agreed with my passion for writing about music and validated my efforts. So, here is how Fortitude, the online magazine works.

1. You can earn money by submitting pieces about anything you desire, in any format you choose, including rant, fiction, humor, articles, opinions or even poetry. If the piece makes the Front Page, via a democratic review process, the user is paid $10~$100.

2. Another great incentive Fortitude offers is to refer more users. You can join their affiliate program and invite your friends to sign up. You'll find some great bonuses with their affiliate program as well.

There has been much positive feedback about Fortitude Magazine. I am indeed blessed to be writing about music and books, food and family and so much more that I am passionate about!

I'd love to hear from you after you check out the site. Won't you join me in being a part of something that is truly amazing and so very cool?

Thanks and Best Regards,

Charlie Parker once said "Learn the changes and then forget them."
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