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Awhile back I wrote a post regarding Rick Founds song... Lord, I Lift Your Name on High. He wrote the song in 1989 and you can read about the story behind the song, here! Plus, I've shared the song playing in several different keys.

I wanted to talk about this famous song for all beginners and perhaps youth group worship teams who want to play the song, too. Here it is again but with a simple chord progression.

Lord, I Lift your Name on High

       C                 D  C
Lord I lift Your name on High
G       C                 D   C 
Lord I love to sing Your praises
       C                D   C 
I'm so glad You're in my life
G       C                D   C 
I'm so glad You came to save us
G              C        D    
You came from heaven to earth
     C       G
To show the way
          C            D
From the earth to the cross
    C       G 
My debt to pay
          C            D
From the cross to the grave
          Em           Am7
From the grave to the sky
        Dsus      D      G
Lord I lift your name on high

Melody to the song:

Here are the single notes to play in the right hand.

While playing a C chord, then D chord and back to C with your left hand, play...

B        D   G     F       E         D, D
Lord   I    Lift  Your  Name  On High

With G in the bass and then C, D and C... right hand plays

B      D  G   F  E      D      E-D-D
Lord, I love to sing your praises

Left hand plays C, D, C chords...

B    D  G    F       E     D   D
I'm so glad you're in my life.

L.H. chords: G, C, Dsus, D...

B   D   G    F     E        D   Dsus D
I'm so glad You came to save us.

Chording in the left, G then C, D and C

B     B       B      C    B    G  A     D  C     B    B
You came from heaven to earth to show the way,

C chord, D chord, and C chord:

B       B   C -B  A  G   A      D     C    B  B
From the earth to the cross, my debt to pay.

C chord, D, Em chord in l.h.

B       B    C-B  A  G  A         A      A   B-A  G  F   G
From the cross to the grave, from the grave to the sky.

L.H. Chords: Am7, Dsus, D, G

E       G A   G     F       G   G
Lord, I lift Your name on high.

It's such a pretty worship song for everyone to come together and sing to the Lord. I hope the melody line helps fill in the song with your left hand chording. Chords 101 & 102 are a great addition for the musician's library. In today's song we experienced a simple chord progression for beginners. The resource from Hear and Play teaches musicians so many chords that you need to perform and execute on your learning curve.

All the best,

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King

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