How To Play Gravity: Shawn McDonald

Gravity: Shawn McDonald l

I was listening to  the song Gravity on my iPod by Shawn McDonald. It's a good one. Now you may be thinking of the other Gravity by John Mayer. That's one of my favorites, too. I wanted to share the chords with you, hoping you will like it, too.

Chords & Lyrics to Gravity

Words and Music by Shawn McDonald and Chris Stevens

Key: Ab Major
Time: 4/4 Easy Rhythm

L.H. / R.H.


Fm7  Cm7  Absus2(#4)  Abmaj9 (2x)

Fm7                      Cm7                          
The ways of this world are grabbing a hold

Absus2(#4)    Abmaj9
Won't let me go, won't let me fly by. 

Fm7         Cm7 
It taking its toll down on my soul,

Absus2(#4)                           Abmaj9
'Cause I know what I need in my life.

Cm7                  Absus2(#4)    Abmaj9
Don't let me lose my sight of You.


Bb                  Cm7                Abmaj7
I don't wanna fall away from You,

Bb             Cm7               Abmaj7    
Gravity is pulling me on down

Bb                    Cm7              Abmaj7
I don't wanna fall away from You.

Bb                 Cm7                Abmaj7
Gravity is pulling me to the ground.

Fm7  Cm7  Absus2(#4)  Abmaj9 (2x)

Verse 2

This world keeps making me cry,
But I'm gonna' try, gonna try to fly, gonna fly high.
Don't want to lose my sight of You.
Don't wanna lose my sight.


Cm Bb   Abmaj7 Cm Bb Abmaj7
I want to fly into the sky

Cm Bb  Abmaj7
and turn my back on this old world

Cm        Bb      Abmaj7
and leave it all behind.

Cm Bb              Abmaj7
This place is not my home

Cm      Bb             Abmaj7
it's got nothing for me

Cm  Bb                     Abmaj7
only leaves me with emptiness

Cm Bb             Absus2
and tears in my eyes.

Chorus to the end. (Abmaj9)

© 2004 Birdwing Music

Chord Breakdown


Fm7 = F/CEbAb
Cm7 = C/GEbG
Absus2(#4) = AbEb/AbBbD
Abmaj9 = Ab/BbCEbG


Fm7 = F/CEbAb
Cm7 = C/EbGC
Absus2(#4) = AbEb/DGC
Abmaj9 = Ab/EbGC

Bb = Bb/BbDF and Bb/FBbD
Abmaj7 = Ab/GCEb
Absus2 = AbEbAb/BbEb

Abmaj9 = Ab/BbCEbG

You may want to try the music resource, Advanced Guitar 301 


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