Practice Five-Finger Patterns


 I'm a firm believer in stretching before I do any work out exercises. The same is true with practicing the piano each day. Reach for Hanon 1 Finger Exercises or do these Five-Finger Patterns. I will be starting lessons right after Labor Day and will be handing out the following exercises for practice.

C Major

Starting with the above keys, play this five-finger scale with all five fingers. Start at C and play to G, then return to C. Do this one hand at a time. Then play the finger scale, slow and steady,  with both hands at the same time.

C Maj Broken Chords (Arpeggios)

Play notes C_E_G Play hands over hand, four octaves up and back, beginning with the left hand.

C Maj Block Chords

Play the notes C, E, and G together at the same time. Play firmly up and back 3 octaves.


G Major

Start at G and play to D, then return to G. Play with both hands at the same time.

G Maj Arpeggios

Play G_B_D notes with hand over hand, 3 octaves up and back.

G Maj Block Chords

Play the notes G, B, D together in both hands, 3 octaves up and back.


F Maj

Play from F up to C and then back again. (F_G_A_Bb_C) Same procedure as above.

F Maj Arpeggios

Play notes, F_A_C one at a time

F Maj Block Chords

Play these notes at the same time in both hands, F_A_C


D Major

Start at D and play to A, then return to D. Play with curved fingers and try using both hands.

D Maj Arpeggios

Play the keys, D_F#_A one at a time, using both hands. Play 3 octaves up and back.

D Maj Block Chords

Play the notes D-F#-A at the same time in both hands, up and back solidly.


 A Major

Play all five notes, A_B_C#_D_E with all five fingers in both hands.

A Maj Arpeggios

Play A, C#, E with hand over hand, 3 octaves up and back

A Maj Block Chords

Press down A_C#_E in both hands, moving up and down the keyboard.


 E Major

Start at E and play to B, then go back to E, using all five fingers.

E Maj Arpeggios

Play the notes E_G#_B one at a time. Roll those broken chords so they sound like a harp.

E Maj Block Chords

Play E, G#, B together in both hands. Practice chords for church music, along with rock and roll.


 B Major

Start at B and play to F#, using all five fingers, then descend to B where you started from.

B Maj Arpeggio Chords

Play these piano notes, B_D#_F#, hand over hand.

B Maj Block Chords

Play B, D#, F# simultaneously.

Have fun strengthening your fingers and building muscles. Keep your hands limbered.

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