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I'm getting ready to head up a new school year of teaching piano to home school students, as well as those who attend public and private schools. Oh, and I love to teach adults because I enjoy spending more time with them at a slower pace. Usually an hour lesson provides lots of learning time and the younger ones enjoy a fast-paced half hour time slot.

Beginner's Corner

As you've probably gathered online as well as from your own personal experience, all piano teachers use different methods, piano books and teaching approaches with their lessons. I am always being asked, "What books do you use?" and my answer usually is... 'it depends.'

LadyDpiano: Bastien Primer Level

For beginners, I like these four little pink books!
Bastien Piano Basics Primer Level - Learn to Play Four Book Set - Includes Primer Level Piano, Theory, Technic, and Performance Books

Music Theory Primer Level:

1. Rhythm in Music
2. Music Alphabet
3. Time Signatures
4. The Staff
5. The Grand staff
6. Clef Signs
7. Dynamics
8. Measuring Intervals
9. Slurs and Ties
10. Chords
11. Sharps and Flats
12. Middle C Position, C Position and G Position

LadyDpiano: Alfred's Basic Piano Library

When my students finish these books, which usually takes them the entire school year, they then move on to Level 1B. Keep in mind that I supplement their notebooks with free music sheets, music games, work sheets and ear training. Lots to do in such a short amount of time.
Alfred's Basic Piano Library: Lesson Book Level 1B

Music Theory - Level 1B

1. C Position Review, G Position Review and Middle C Position
2. Review Melodic and Harmonic Intervals
3. Incomplete Measure
4. Review Dynamic Signs
5. Accent Sign
6. Tempo Marks
8. New Time Signatures and New Concepts
10. Eighth Rest
11. Measuring Half Steps and Whole Steps, Tetrachords

Young students and adults who are ready to move on will enjoy a new learning experience with
Alfred's Basic Piano Library Lesson Book: Level 2

Music Theory: Level 2

1. Time Signature Changes and Tempo Changes
2. New Rhythm Patterns
3. Shape of Intervals
4. Playing 6the in G Position
5. Fluency in a piece that changes registers frequently
6. Moving hands to 8va position and more frequent left hand positions
7. Harmonic 6ths moving stepwise
8. Blues Scales, Major Scales ascending, descending and contrary motion
9. Measuring 7ths, Playing Harmonic 7ths
10. Reviewing tetrachords and major scale patterns
11. Triad Vocabulary, Blocked and Broken Chords, V7 chord
12. Chord Progressions

The Secrets To Playing Piano By Ear

Another resource I recommend, 300pg Piano By Ear Home Study Course
Adults, College kids and High School students like this reference book. It's a great theory reference guide to have on hand. You'll be filling in the blanks with pencil a lot!

Hope you have a great school year with many blessings and opportunities for you to share your talents and musical gifts!

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"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King

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