Ten Tips For Piano Players

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Tips for Piano Players

1.    Piano Practice

2.    Ear Training

3.    Sight Reading

4.    Chord Construction

5. Chord Recognition

5.    Pedal Practice

7.    Rhythm Workshop

8.    Diatonic Harmony

9.    Chord Voicings

10. Harmonize The Melody

Let's talk a little about some of these points...

#7 Rhythm:

You can hear and play rhythm patterns into different groups, like rhythm & blues, jazz, rock, dance patterns, marches, waltzes, swing, discos, ballads, gospel, bossa-novas and more. Practicing complex rhythms is indeed challenging. Learning how eight notes and dotted quarter notes relate and sound in one measure. Duane Shinn discovered how to establish a baseline in his left hand.

#6 Suspended

Suspensions (sus) are chords in which the 4th degree of the scale takes the place of the 3rd degree.


Csus = CFG and C7sus = CFGBb
Gsus = GCD and G7sus = GCDF

You’ll find suspended chords to Jesus Mighty God and a Tom Petty song at an earlier post of mine, how-to-play-suspended-chords

Duane illustrates these examples very well, suspensions

Example of suspended Chords:

Amazing Love by Hillsong

Intro: (D/F# G2 Asus A)
D/F#   G2           Asus        A     
I’m forgiven, because you were forsaken
D/F#   G2          Asus         A
I’m accepted, you were condemned
D/F#   G2          Asus         A
I’m alive and well, your spirit is within me
G2          A             D
Because you died and rose again
[ Tab from: http://www.guitaretab.com/h/hillsong/255499.html ]
D2		      G2
Amazing love, how can it be
D2                    Asus     A
That you my king would die for me
D2               G2
Amazing love, I know its true
D2 	      Asus    A
Its my joy to honour you

G                 A    D2
In all I do I honour you

D    D2    D  D2
You are my king, you are my king
D    D2    D  D2         D       D2    D
Jesus, you are my king, Jesus, you are my king

#5 Chords... So many to know.

major chords
  minor chords
  diminished chords
  augmented chords

6th chords

minor 6th chords

7th chords

minor 7th chords

7th with aug 5th chords

7th with flat 5th chords

minor 7th with flat fifth chords

diminished 7th chords

major 7th chords

major 7th chords with aug 5th

major 7th chords with flat 5th

major 7th chords with flat 3rd and flat 5th

major 7th chords with flat 3rd and sharp 5th

9th chords with all their variations (flat 5th, maj 7, etc.)

11th chords

13th chords

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"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King
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