Friday Freebie: Piano Scales

Minor pentatonic blues scale on A
Minor pentatonic blues scale on A (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am often asked questions regarding various music scales, such as Major, Minor, Blues, etc.
So, I thought I would gather up some information for you. Remember this:

Scales played in the correct musical way
are very exciting and rewarding

James Galway - Flautist
Piano Scales (former posts from my blog)

1. How to Play Blues Scales

2. How to Play Minor Scales

3. How to Play Pentatonic Scales

4. How to Play Bebop Scales

Free Printables

Cmaj Scale

Cmin Scale

C Pentatonic Scale 

Blues Scales

What are the benefits of playing scales?

Scale practice doesn't make playing songs better. Practicing your scales makes your scales better. Plus, your sight reading and improvisation will improve.

*How do I find time to practice?
*How can I get better at playing in different keys?
*How do I decide/recognize what the left hand chords are in a piece of music?
*How can I play and read sheet music faster?
*How do I decide on proper fingering?
The answer to these and many other piano playing questions can now be yours.
Step-By-Step Piano DVD Course Helps You Become A Better Piano Player

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King
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