Blues Monday: Trems and Fills

Eighth note run
Eighth note run (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


You can tremolo between the root and the b3 of the key over almost the whole blues progression.

How To Do It

In the key of F: Put you thumb on F, and your 2nd or 3rd finger on Ab. Now roll your hand back and forth between the two notes. It might seem awkward at first, but it will become more natural as you keep working at it. The key is to keep your hand relaxed. If this technique is new to you, be careful not to overdo it in the beginning. It is better to practice new techniques for a few moments frequently, rather than trying to sit down and master all at once.

Practice Trems and Fills

So, practice shaking F and Ab for 4 beats with the right hand while playing these swinging eighth notes with the left hand.

FC/, FC/

FD/, FD/

FEb/, FEb/

Another fill that you can play in the right hand, while your comping with the eighth notes above, are these r.h. single notes:

F up to B, then Bb, Ab, F, Eb, F

Now you're ready to shake once again back and forth, F to Ab... but play these eighth notes in the left hand:

BbF/, BbF/

BbG/, BbG/

BbAb/, BbAb/

BbG/, BbG/


A pick up note you can do next in the right hand is this quick triplet:


F, Ab, G then a grace note, where you slide off F# and land on GC in the r.h. That little F# is an enharmonic respelling of the b5 (Gb) in the key of C. Some people call this a crush tone.

Meanwhile, the left hand is playing this chord change:

CG/, CG/,

CA/, CA/

CBb/, CBb


Now, we're coming home towards the ending:






FD/Bb, Ab



12 Bar Blues

What you're playing is this:

F7 4 bars

Bb7 2 bars

F7 2 bars

C7 1 bar

Bb7 1 bar

F7 2 bars

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Have fun practicing Trems and Fills!

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King
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