Friday Freebie: Music and Apps

I've been using this app with my grandson before school starts up again. I'll be sharing this one with piano students. Be sure and check this one out.


Learn about Finale SongBook here. I'm just starting to play with this but a blogger friend and piano teacher has lots of experience with this App. Read about it here.

Are you looking for free sheet music? Here's a few for this week:

Free Sheet Music: Can-Can

Defying Gravity

William Tell Overture

Broken Chords

In many styles of music including Country, it is common to play the bottom note of the chord, followed by the upper notes of the chord and keep alternating between them. This is known as a broken chord style of playing.

C Chord played in the l.h. would be C then play EG together.

Once you're comfortable playing C as a broken chord, try moving between the chords C, F, and G.

C Chord: C, then EG

F Chord: C, then FA

G Chord: B, then DG

Then end with CEG/ C

Just starting up, brand new is Jazz Intensive Training Center.

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King
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