Piano Chords: On My Knees (Nicole Mullen)

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In 1996, seems ages ago, Word Music produced a special ballad called On My Knees, written by David Mullen, Nicole Mullen and Michael Ochs. The song is written in the Key of A Major and yes, it has been performed by sweet Jaci Velasquez.

Aileen Nicole Coleman-Mullen (born January 3, 1964) is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and choreographer. She was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She recorded her first solo album, Don’t Let Me Go, in 1991 with the independent label Frontline Records.
Mullen continued her singing-songwriting-choreography career in the 1990s, singing backup for Michael W. Smith and the Newsboys, writing for Jaci Velasquez, and working as a dancer/choreographer with Amy Grant. She also provided backup vocals for the music video at the end of the VeggieTales program, Larry-Boy and the Fib from Outer Space! and the opening of the VeggieTales presentation, Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed. She was signed to Word Records in 1998 by VP of A&R Brent Bourgeois. Her fourth album, Talk About It, was certified gold for sales in excess of 500,000 copies on April 15, 2008. (Biography Credit: Wikipedia)

Here is a chord chart I found online Jaci Velasquez Chords  but below I've changed the chords so you can see what I'm playing.

Piano Chords to On My Knees

Amaj7 - F#m9 - E/D - D - E6 - E7 - Amaj7 - F#m9 - E/D - D - E6 - E7

AM7           F#m7
There are days when I feel 
    E9(no 3)/D   D2      E6 E   E7
The best of me is ready to begin
A              F#m7
then there days when I feel
     E(no3)/D  D2  E6 E  E#dim7 F#m9
I'm letting go soaring on the wind

F#m9                  C#m7          D2
coz I've learned in laughter or in pain
how to survive

D     E        F#m
I get on my knees
D2     E        A    
I get on my knees
F#m      E     D/A            A  Asus   A   D#m7(b5)
there I am be - fore         the love that changes me
   Bm7             A/C#                 D   
see I don't know how but there's pow'r
ESUS-E      AM7 - F#m9 E/D-D E9(no 3)
when I'm on my knees

AM7        F#m         E/D - D    A/E   D/E     
I can be in a crowd or by myself almost anywhere
AM7         F#m               E/D       D
when I feel there's a need to talk with God
A/E   D/E   C#/E
He is Emmanuel

F#m         C#m                     D
when I close my eyes no darkness there
there's only light

D   ESUS-E    Bm7   A
in the blue skies
D2 A/D    A/E-Bm/E-A/E  Bm7
in the midnight
D        ESUS-E F#m
when I'm on my knees
D    E      F#m
I get on my knees
D    E       A     E
I get on my knees
F#m     E   A/E-Bm/E    A        DM7
there I am before the love that changes me
      Bm7           A/C#              D2     
see I don't know how but there's pow'r
when I'm on my
A-E - D           ESUS
oh..  when I'm on my knees
A/C#m   D      ESUS
yeah.. when I'm on my knees

AM7 - F#m9 - E/D - D
E6 - E7 - A2

Here's the chord breakdown:

Amaj7 = arpeggio notes, played one at a time; A,G#,A,E

F#m9 = (same as above); F#,G#,A,E,F#,A
E/D = D/EG#
D = D/ADF#
E6 = E/BC#
E(no3)/D = D/BE
D2 = AE
C#m7 = C#/B,E,B,E and C#/BE
Bm7 = B/AD
A/C# = C#/AE
E(no3) = E/EB
D#7(b5) = D#/AC#F#

A few more songs I like by this artist are:
Redeemer and Call on Jesus. 

Do you have a favorite Nicole Mullen song?

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