All Through The Night (Basic Chords)

 So on Friday's I review the week of email that comes
in from my readers and decide on what to share with
you, especially since Friday's post is for the beginner.

Once you've learned a few chords in the Key of C,
it's time to add in some minor chords, especially Am
and Em. For the following easy song, your left hand
chords  will be on the white keys, except for the D chord.

For the bass walk down C, goes to B note and lands 
on  Am. Have fun with the song.

Midi to All Through The Night 

Piano Chords to All Through The Night.

 C        Am        D     G
Sleep my child and peace attend thee 

 F        G       C
all through the night 

 C        Am      D        G
Guardian angels, God will send thee, 

 F    G            C
All  through the  night. 

F    Em   Dm Em  F    Em   Dm  Em
Soft the drowsy hours are creeping, 

Dm                D       G
Hill and dale in slumber steeping, 

C      Am         D        G
I, my loved one, watch am keeping, 

F    G           C
All through the night.  

C chord = CEG

Am = ACE

D = DF#A



Dm = DFA

Em = EGB
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"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King
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