Worship Chords

 This lesson is designed to teach you how to replace those boring major triads with nice worship chord voicings.

Here's a formula:

L.H. = 1 5 1 / C G C 
R.H. = 3 6 7 3 / E A B E 

This chord is a major chord with an added 6th and 7th. These tones will give your chords that worship flavor. You can experiment a little. Try adding a 2nd, 6th, or 7th to any major chord or triad to give it a more contemporary flavor.

The following chords can be used to update an outdated sound. Anywhere you would normally use a major triad, try substituting some of the chords below.

Here's an assignment. Practice and learn the following chords.

Major Chord with added 6th and 7th.

C Major  - C G C/ E A B E

Db Major - Db Ab Db/ F Bb C F

D Major - D A D/ F# B C# F#

E Major - E B E/ G# C# D# G#

F Major - F C F/ A D E A

Gb Major - Gb Db Gb/ Bb Eb F Bb

G Major - G D G/ B E F# B

Ab Major - Ab Eb Ab/ C F G C

A Major - A E A/ C# F# G# C#

Bb Major - Bb F Bb/ D G A D

B Major - B F# B/ D# G# A# D#

Worship Chords using the 1-3-4 Progression

Worship chords are used to usher the listener into the presence of the Holy Spirit. Some musicians call these type chords "talk music."

Analyzing the 1-3-4 progression in Db Major, remember all harmony can be explained using the major scale. See the Db Major Scale below.

1    2    3    4     5      6     7    8 
Db Eb  F  Gb  Ab  Bb  C  Db

The 1 chord is Db Major
The 3 chord is F minor
The 4 chord is Gb Major

We will also use the interval of 6ths to create melodic color for our featured progression. First let's learn the 6ths in the right hand using the Db Major Scale. Notice that that the top note outlines the major scale.

Top Note:      Db  Eb   F    Gb   Ab Bb  C   Db

Bottom Note: F   Gb   Ab  Bb   C   Db  Eb  F

The 1-3-4 Progression

Dbmaj7 = Db Ab Db/ Eb C

Fm7 = F C F/ C Ab

Gbmaj9 = Gb Db Gb/ Bb Eb F Bb

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-- LadyD

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