How To Decorate Types of Pianos

Upright and Grand Pianos 
Patriotic Piano
Grand pianos are also called horizontal pianos, because the strings run horizontally (parallel to the floor). They have longer strings and bigger soundboards than upright pianos, which gives them richer, deeper, and stronger sound. They can measure from 4 1/2 to 10 feet long.

What is a Grand Piano, you ask?

Basically, it’s bigger than a baby grand piano. It provides more sound and more volume because it will measure up to at least six feet and as I mentioned earlier, it has better tone and more projection. So the Grand Piano displays well in a very large room.
In upright pianos the strings run vertically (up and down) and are shorter than on grand pianos. They sound softer and are not as big: almost 5 feet wide and between 3 and 5 feet tall.

Zebra Piano

I can take mine apart and see the action of the hammers flying by horizontally to hit a string. Uprights are designed to fit up against the wall thus creating an indirect sound.
The difference between an upright and grand is mainly due to the action. Uprights have a horizontal action, while Grand pianos have a vertical action.

Cristofori built an early piano in 1726 called pianoforte, later to be named the “piano.” It may be noted that I wrote about him in an earlier intel. Indeed, he was a good guy in music history.

Pink Piano

It’s true that pianos are placed into 4 groups or classifications according to their size: 

1. Spinet
2. Console
3. Studio
4. Upright

Purple Piano

An interesting side note is that many shapes and sizes of pianos are no longer made today. But an early type of upright piano was called a “birdcage piano”, suggesting that its dampers were like a birdcage.

As you have read in the news lately, a piano played by the Beatles, Pink Floyd and other popular bands sold for 150,000 pounds ($29,000.00) in an auction in Britain.

Feeling Groovy

They say the piano had been used and abused, covered with coffee stains and cigarette burns. But the Beatles did regularly use the piano and recorded certain songs like Paperback Writer and Tomorrow Never Knows using this piano. It still plays well and sounds great.

I’ll admit that I haven’t seen a piano decorated with a water theme but you’ll find one at Fitton Center for creative arts in Hamilton, Ohio.
It is really no surprise that many pianos are decorated in honor of Liberace.
If you are planning to go to NYC, you might see brightly painted upright pianos on the street of NYC in the summertime.

Summertime Piano
Tropical Piano

You can add a personal touch to any room in your home that houses any type of piano or you can
literally paint, stain or just leave your piano alone in its original condition.

Adding a mirror adds a certain amount of class to any room. Placing one above a spinet or an upright piano adds an elegant touch and makes the room seem a bit larger.
Another idea to consider is using several sconces directly over your piano on a small wall for added height and great detail.

Of course having framed music and your favorite wall art is a classic decorative element, too. It is one that I have used many times and have changed on numerous occasions in my music studio.

I like to think that no matter the size or look of ones magnificent musical instrument, the piano will look great in any room. I have no doubt that the piano will be played for many years for your own enjoyment, especially around holiday time, everyone loves to hear the piano.

Tomorrow Never Knows

This is a song from the Album Revolver by the Beatles. The composers of this song are
Lennon & Paul McCartney. 

Turn off your mind relax and float downstream

          Bb               C

It is not dying  It is not dying

Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void

      Bb             C

It is shining  It is shining

That you may see the meaning of within

      Bb           C

It is being  It is being

That love is all and love is everyone

      Bb            C

It is knowing  It is knowing

That ignorance and haste may mourn the dead

      Bb               C

It is believing  It is believing

But listen to the colour of your dream

          Bb                C

It is not living  It is not living

Or play the game of existence to the end

       Bb                C                 Bb                C

Of the beginning  Of the beginning  Of the beginning  Of the beginning 
Tomorrow Never Knows Chords

The Beatles--Paperback Writer

 Pa - per - back  wri - ter,   pa - per - back wri - ter,
 Dear Sir or Mad-am will you read my book?
 It took me years to write  will you take a look?
 It's based on a nov-el by a man named Lear
 G7                                             C
 and I need a job so I want to be a pa-per-back writ - er
 pa - per - back writ - er.
 It's the dir-ty sto-ry of a dirt-y man and his cling-ing wife
 does-n't un-der-stand. His son is work - ing for the dai-ly Mail
 G7                                                  C
 It's a stead-y job but he wants to be a pa-per-back writ-er
 pa - per-back writ - er.
 It's a thousand pag-es give or take a few, I'll be writ-ing more
 in a week or two. I can make long-er if you like the style,
 G7                                                   C
 I can change it round and I want to be a pa-per-back writ - er
 pa - per-back writ - er.
 If you real - ly like it you can have the rights,
 it could make a mil - lion for you o-ver-night.
 If you must re - turn it you can send it  here,
 G7                                                C
 But I need a break and I want to be a pa-per-back writ - er
 pa - per-back writ - er.
--------------------------------| Pa  -  per-back   writ  -  er  pa-per-back  writ  -  er
 G7-----Repeat and fade---------|
 Pa  -  per- back   writ  -  er
Paperback Writer Chords 

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