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 Music, by its nature, is not a competitive endeavor. However, in our culture competition has become a defining factor in determining how high along the music ladder a performer or ensemble climbs. Whether the musician applies to a competition, auditions for an opening group, or performs with a combo in a contest, he or she is bound to get caught up in this ever-present quest to do better than other musicians. 

I have met serious college students whose pursuits were primarily focused on academics, with the exception of extra-curricular performances which kept their musical techniques sharp. Other musician friends had won competitions and that victory had provided them with opportunities to jam with some other great musicians.

Through piano competitions, many will say that winning the competition wasn't to shine the spotlight on themselves, but that it was more about opportunities and doors that winning could open.
After winning a music scholarship back in my high school days, I found for myself,the same perspective to be true that I have heard from so many others. Winning any type of music competition gives you an incredible opportunity to learn at the side of great master musicians.

I think with humility and maturity the attitude comes through about the fact that we are always learning so in that sense when we jam with other musicians, it's not that we feel like we're the leader of the band or group or worship team but that we're part of a collaborative effort.

In my experiences through the many years of playing the keys with many worship teams, I found the other musicians were many years ahead of me but I loved the experience of playing with other musicians because it helped me to grow musically.

I've been teaching piano to children and adults for over fifteen years now. My respect for teaching is based upon my belief that it is not necessarily the best players who make the best instructors, but that teaching itself is an art form which takes a deep understanding of how to translate the information one knows in an efficient and effective way.

To all my dear readers, I thank you for your many letters and notes. Although I can not  answer each and every one, I would say that the number one question I am asked is "Where can I get chord charts (for free) to Christian Contemporary Worship songs?" I really don't mind questions, so please, continue to ask away and I'll try to post answers to the best of my ability.

Here is a great reference that I use:
I Will

When you arrive at this incredible site, type in the search box Chris Tomlin, for example, and then click artist.... watch how many chord charts will be listed... Eureka! You have found a gold mine from one of my favorite artists. Plus, another great thing is that some songs are listed in different keys which is always nice for those who are new at modulating.

Well, I hope you will return to this post and leave me a comment on your favorite artist and what chord chart you will be using for your personal piano practice and for sharing with your worship team practice... Happy Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by.

I hope you enjoy your stay at LadyD Piano.
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