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First, I want to thank all of you who are in the military, serving our country, to protect our freedom!

Then, this new post on Memorial Day, 2009 is to let you know of a sale that will end tonight... I apologize for the late notice! It seems Jermaine Griggs, the founder of HearandPlay, who teaches you how to play the piano by ear, is now going digital!

Yes, I just got word from my good friend, Jermaine Griggs over at Hear and Play Music... that he's running a "Memorial Day Weekend" 40% off sale that ends
tonight (Monday, May 25, 2009).

Digital Downloads

But what's so special about it is that for the first time ever, he's released "digital
downloads" of all his courses.

That means that you can literally download his courses to your computer and start learning piano within minutes after your purchase.

And if you've heard me talk about hearandplay before, then you know how good their courses are for learning piano by ear (especially gospel and soul music).

They've got material all the way from gospel to jazz and salsa --- from chords to worship patterns... from piano and organ to drums and even singing.

Digital Downloads

But if you're interested in their digitally downloadable material, now is really the time to take action because you're not going to beat their 40% off deal going on thru midnight tonight.

(And if you know Jermaine, you know that he doesn't do these sales often. Heck it took him 9 years to finally decide to release downloadable material. So take advantage while he's doing it).

Digital Downloads

Here's what Jermaine says, "And as you know by now, I've used this special
holiday weekend to announce, for the first time
ever, "digital downloads!"

That means you can now download our courses
directly to your computer minutes after
ordering. In 9 years online, this is the *first*
time we've ever offered this opportunity to download
our courses.

And to celebrate, I'm slashing 40% off now thru
11:59 pm tonight (Monday, May 25, 2009).

This rare 40% off special is also my way of saying
"THANK YOU" for taking action and doing what it
takes to take your playing to the next level.

Here's why you want to take advantage of this
"digital downloads" opportunity...

-Save $7-$24 on shipping fees
(there are *NO* shipping costs)

-Now thru TONIGHT (11:59 pm), I'm slashing an
additional 40% off so not only do you save on
shipping but you get an amazing deal on the
actual courses.

-Download our best-selling courses in minutes. Start
learning from the comfort of your own home TODAY.

-No waiting for your package to arrive in the mail.

-Download any time you want, on as many computers
as you want. I've invested $15,000 to create a
download center from the ground up. This download
center allows you to log in from anywhere and
download courses you've purchased any time. So you
never have to worry about your computer crashing
or losing what you've paid for... or anything like

-Go green! By downloading our courses electronically,
you're helping the environment. No dvds to
manufacture, no pollution caused by delivery trucks,
no storage. Everything's digital!

Happy Memorial Day!
~ LadyD

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