Warm Up Exercises

Exercises to warm up hands before piano playing was never meant to be boring!
I personally have Willie's dvd on warmups and highly recommend it. Have a listen:

Learn the piano - warmups and improvisation - jazz piano

Learn my warm-up and improvisation routine to build your independence and creativity at your instrument.

* 5 Finger Major Scales Exercises

* Major Scales- 2 octaves

* Harmonic minor scale- 2 octaves

* Quartal Exercise- play quartals with both hands one octave apart

* C7, D7 E7 F7 A7 & B7 arpeggio

* Chromatic scale exercise
Here's How to Add Maturity to Your Piano Playing Style!

* Contrary Motion Exercises

Easy Jazz Piano Lessons from JazzPianoLessons.com

Benefits- Improves the quality of piano playing

Piano-Yoga says, "When people just start to play the piano or don’t play regularly, their fingers remain weak. It takes years of regular practice to establish strength in the muscles that work fingers and hands."


"Just as an athlete needs to warm up properly before more serious exertion, a musician needs to warm up before playing or singing all-out. Players of different instruments utilize different types of warm-ups and can learn a great deal from the way they are structured."
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