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* How to Play Gospel : Praise! by latinpianist

This is another new series of lessons. In the Gospel area. In this video, I teach something that I learned at

* Mike Bereal Gospel Praise Video Clip

Michael Bereal ripping on the piano with Bryan White on bass. This is a preview shed clip for a new course coming out at called GospelKeys Master Class Series I with Mike Bereal!

If you want to play like Mike Bereal, Jason White, Kevin Bond, and Eddie Brown, get this dvd!

How to play Gospel on the piano
Click Here, Gospel Keys Michael Bereal

"Here's Specifically What You'll Get Out Of GospelKeys Master Class Volume One"

How to multiply your options on the piano so that you never have to play the same identical thing TWICE. This is the difference between a creative, free-flowing musician and a "canned" one.

Diversify your sound and learn how to to add tender and delicate undertones to your style! NOTE: Not all songs need a lot of power-punched chords. Many times "less" ends up being a lot "more." Mike will show you when and when not to "punch it!"

How to think on a whole different level and quickly and easily play things that will have other musicians literally drooling at the mouth (isn't that what you feel like when you watch Mike's video clip? IMAGINE BEING THAT PERSON ON THE KEYS)...

Get contemporary! Now you can spice up your traditional gospel playing with loads of phat chords and placements from one of the hottest gospel musicians on the planet! (Mike has played for Mary Mary, Judith McAllister, Beverly Crawford, Donnie McClurkin, and MANY MORE!)

Master tons of arpeggio worship techniques on your right hand that'll have you sounding like a gospel veteran every time you sit down at the piano!

Learn the secrets to creating the perfect transitions and lead-ins to the next phase of the church service no matter what you're currently playing! NOTE: It is imperative that you master this as there can be a huge burden on you to effectively carry the worship service from one area to the next.

Incorporate Mike's "roll-over" method into your playing. This unorthodox move will literally turn everyone's head and give your playing that extra flare you've been looking for!

How to take songs you've redundantly played for years and drastically improve them so much that they feel foreign to you when you play them (I know it seems hard for a song you've played for 5-10 years to seem new to you but after watching this course, I guarantee you'll experience enthusiastic growth again!)...

"The Shouting Chord"

Play this chord at church when playing during a jubilant period of the worship service. It's simply a dominant chord with an added "flat 5th" tone. Now, the trick is that you don't play all the tones of the dominant chord. JUST certain tones sound right.

In Ab Major:

Bass: There isn't a particular bass for this chord. It can be played over a "running" bass if it is being used as a "fill-in" for shouting music OR ... it can be played in a blues progression. Keep in mind that this chord is just a "fill in." Play it when it "feels" right...

Right hand: Ab + D + Eb + Gb

Note: This chord should be played on the upper part of the piano (not too high but definitely not too low). Test it out at different locations for the best possible sound.

Here's one more trick with the chord above:

If you play the "D" just a split-second before the rest of the chord, it creates a nice "blues" effect. Try it:

Ab + (D) + Eb + Gb

Note: (" ") means to play JUST that one note a split-second before the rest of the chord. It sounds great!

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