4 Basic Types of Chords

Now that you know your major scales, the next thing is to learn the formulas for your 4 basic types of chords. Once you learn the formulas, apply them to each key one at a time until you go through all 12 keys. Here is the order that you should learn and play them in:

Major = 1-3-5
Minor = 1-b3-5
Diminished = 1-b3-b5
*Fully diminished = 1-b3-b5-bb7 *just an extension of the regular diminished chord
Augmented = 1-3-#5

As you go through learning and practicing the chords in this order, you will find that the last note for the augmented chord is also the last note for the major chord in the very next key. The next thing you should learn are the chords that are built off each scale degree of the major scale for every key. Again, learn it one key at a time until you go through all 12 keys:

1st - major
2nd - minor
3rd - minor
4th - major
5th - major
6th - minor
7th - diminished

Then move on to learning progressions. Play progressions like the 1-4-5, 2-5-1, 7-3-6, etc. I posted some of these progressions earlier:


Here’s a hand book of video tutorials I listed on a previous blog post to help you with these progressions:


Learn the Amen progression and practice many other listed progressions here:


Finally, here's the best Audio Course offered by Jermaine Griggs. I have these 2 discs and highly recommend the product. Disc #1 is for beginners and lays a great foundation for chord theory. Disc #2, you'll learn more advanced chord theory on the go! Here's what the folks over at HearandPlay.com have to say:

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Step-by-step, you'll learn:

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