Students Learning To Play By Ear

I've been teaching students to play piano for over 10 years now. One thing for sure, students are all different
and you can't have one philosophy or all of them. In this case, one size doesn't fit all! Some students need encouragement at the level that they're at. Others need the discipline of practicing the piano.
I have gained lots of experience over the years and have developed a method that is more likely to be successful for a wide variety of students. Many students come to the teacher with a game plan in mind. Attempting to apply a single teaching approach simply may not work with every person's learning style.
According to
"Perceptual learning pertains to how students prefer to perceive information, and includes visual, auditory and kinesthetic (learning best through demonstration or hands on approach)."
I have taught through different approaches in hopes of avoiding a student that is bored through repetition and hopefully different approaches will stick with different students. These approaches are based on ones own talent, cultural background, past musical experiences and technical abilities. Learn a foundation in beginning techniques, music theory, chords, progressions, improvisation, and more!
The key is to get students in touch with the emotional aspect of playing music. This is where they have fun. Learning to play the piano was never meant to be boring!
I am passionate about music education. Learn to play the piano by ear and have some fun playing songs that you like on the piano today!
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