Popular Elvis Song of the 50s

George R. Poulton wrote this song in 1861 and called it "Aura Lee." It first became famous as the class song for the West Point graduating class of 1865. Its popularity was hardly short lived. In the 20th century, it achieved Hollywood stardom in no less than 3 films: "Come and Get It" of 1936, 1952's "The Last Musketeer," and 1955's "The Long Grey Line." Elvis Presley's adaptation became "Love Me Tender," and his recording held the #1 position for 5 weeks. The rest is history!

Love Me Tender

Words and Music by Elvis Presley and Vera Matson in 1956.
Key of G in 4/4 Time

G                        A                      Am/D  D7     G
Love me tender, love me sweet; Never let me go.

  G                           A                    Am/D  D7        G
You have made my life complete, And I love you so.


G             B7       Em        G7   C         Cm            G 
Love me tender, love me true, All my dreams fulfill.

G            E7        A               D7sus4  D7    G
For, my dar-lin', I love you, And I always will.

Here are some slash chords on how I might play this song:

G = G/DB or G/BG 
A = A/C#A
Am/D = D/CG
D7 = D/CE
B7 = F#/D#B
Em = E/GB
G7 = D/FB
C = C/EB
Cm = Eb/G
E7 = G#/DC
D7sus4 = D/CG


~ LadyD 

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