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I came across a fun game for Preschool piano players! You may want to visit my WunderKeys Pinterest Board for additional resources. This particular game caught my eye because it's a familiar story, Five Little Monkeys! It's called, High and Low Game.

This upcoming week in the New Year I'll be sharing with my 3 to 5-year-old piano students High and Low Tones. For adults, it's an easy concept to play high melody tones with the right hand above Middle C. It's obvious to us that our left hand will grab chords and yes, sometimes single notes in the bass below Middle C.

Blob Chorus: Ear Training App l LadyDpiano

I start kids with ear training right away. A popular free app I use is called Blob Chorus. For adults, I wrote about Jazz Musician's Ear and an article, Piano Lesson: Ear Training.

Relative Pitch App

Another free app for ear training is, Relative Pitch Lite. Adults will like this one, too.

You may be interested in Hear and Play PITCH Ear Training Software.

Closing out 2016. Hope it's been kind to you... Here's looking ahead to a great New Year!


-- LadyD

 "The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King

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