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Delirious: Message Of The Cross l LadyDpiano

Today I want to share a Delirious song with you that has a pretty melody line and simple chords to play. I posted another song recorded by the group, I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever awhile back.

Message Of The Cross

Words and Music by Martin Smith
© 1993 Curious?Music

Key: G
Time: 4/4 Moderately


G  D  Csus2  G/B  D
G  D  Csus2  G  Am/C

Verse 1: 
G                                      Csus2             C      G
This is the message of the cross, that we can be free 
                      Csus2                C           G
To live in the victory and turn from our sin. 
                               Am7   Csus2         C/E  G
My precious Lord Jesus with sinners you died. 
                         Am7             Csus2            D   C/D          G   C/D
For there you revealed your love and you laid down your life. 
Verse 2: 
This is the message of the cross, that we can be free. 
To lay all our burdens here at the foot of the tree. 
The cross was the shame of the world 
But the glory of God 
For Jesus, You conquered sin and You gave us new life. 

G             D                             C/D  G
You set me free when I came to the cross, 
                          D                          C/D         G
Poured out your blood for I was broken and lost. 
                   D               Em9
There I was healed and you covered my sin 
It's there you saved me 
D  G
This is the message of the cross 
Verse 3: 
This is the message of the cross, that we can be free. 
To hunger for heaven, Lord, to hunger for Thee. 
"The cross is such foolishness to the perishing, 
But to us who are being saved, it is the power of God." 
Chorus B: 
You set us free when we come to the cross. 
You pour out your blood for we are broken and lost. 
Here we are healed and you cover our sin. 
It's here you save us. 
You set me free when I come to the cross. 
Pour out your blood for I am broken and lost. 
Here I am healed and you cover my sin. 
It's here you save me. 
This is the message of the cross. 
Let us rejoice at the foot of the cross 
C2 G/B D
We can be free, glory to God 
G  D
Thank you, Lord Thank you, Lord 
C2 G/B D
You set us free glory to God 

So, the intro sounds like this with block chords:
L.H. / R.H.
Here's a list of the chords played throughout the song 
in no particular order:
Am7 = A/CEB, then A/CEG
Csus2 = C/CDG
D = D/F#AD
Em9 = E/DF#GB
G = G/DGB and G/GBD and G/BDG
There's lots of chording going on in the right hand, too... 
with single driving bass notes in the left hand at times. There's a bass run that you do a few times in the left hand. Here's what the single notes look like:
B, C, C#, D E, F, F#
It's pretty easy. Have fun with the song. Catch the sale going on 
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All the best,
"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King

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