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Made New: Lincoln Brewster l LadyDpiano

From the new album, Oxygen, here'a a great song that I love by Lincoln Brewster. Maybe it's the high energy of the song or the repetition of a few chords... but I hope you like it as much as I do. Have fun playing the song. If you're not familiar with this way cool song, listen to it on YouTube. I think you'll agree, it rocks!

Made New (Chords & Lyrics)

Josiah James Meeker, Lincoln Brewster & Colby Wedgeworth

Key: Bb
Time: 4/4


Gm7  Fsus4  //  Bb  Eb  // Gm7  Fsus4 //  Bb  Eb //

                                                                Gm7             Fsus4         Bb  Eb

You're calling me over
Gm7            Fsus4  Bb Eb
You're pulling me close
Gm7  Fsus 4                  Bb Eb
With love You surround me
Gm7       Fsus4  Bb  Eb Gm7 Fsus4 Bb Eb
You give me hope
Gm7  Fsus4  Bb  Eb
You're taking me deeper
Gm7  Fsus4  Bb  Eb
You're making me whole
Gm7  Fsus4  Bb Eb
With grace You redeem me
Gm7  Fsus4  Bb  Eb Gm7  Fsus4  Bb Eb
You restore my soul

F         Eb
Now I'm made new
F           Eb
Because of You


Gm7  Fsus4  Bb Eb
You hold my head up
Gm7  Fsus4  Bb Eb
You remind me who I am
Gm7  Fsus4  bb Eb
You hold my head up
Gm7  Fsus4  Bb  Eb
I'm alive in You again
Gm7  Fsus4  Bb  Eb
I'm made new

Gm7  Fsus4  Bb  Eb
You're making me stronger
Gm7  Fsus4  Bb  Eb
You're healing my heart
Gm7  Fsus4  Bb Eb
With Your hands You hold me
Gm7  Fsus4  Bb  Eb
And You set me apart


F  Gm7
You are my salvation
I will not fear
F         Gm7
You're the strength of my life
I won't fear

©2014 Integrity Worship Music / Integrity's Praise! Music /Worldwide Echoes/Adm. by

Chord Breakdown

Gm7 =  GBb/FBbD and GBb/DFBb and G/BbDF

Fsus4 =  Bb/FAC and FBb/FBbC

Bb = Bb/BbDG and Bb/BbFBb and Bb/DFBb

Eb = Eb/EbGBb and Eb/BbFBb and Eb/BbEbG


Gm7 = G/BbFBb and G/GBbF
Eb = Eb/EbGC and Eb/BbEbG

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All the best,

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King
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