How To Play Lookin' Out For Me: Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin: Lookin' Out for Me l

Written in 2002 by Kirk Franklin, Lookin' Out For Me was performed by Kirk Franklin and the late Willie Neal Johnson.

Lookin' Out For Me

Words and Music by Kirk Franklin
From The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin cd

Key: Ab
Time: 4/4
Slow Groove


Bb13,  C7(#5b9), Ab13, Bb13, C7(#5b9), Fm, Bbm7, Ab

Chord Breakdown (Intro)

Bb13 = Bb/AbDG
C7(#5b9) = C/BbFbAbDb
Ab13 = Ab/GbCF
Fm = F/CFAb
Bm7 = Ab/DbFBb
Ab = CEbAb

Verse 1

Ab13 = Ab/GbCF

Every time I look back (r.h.):
CEbAb, BbDbF, AbCEb, BbDbF, AbCEb

Ab13 = Ab/GbCF

And every time I think back (r.h. notes):
AbCEb, CEbAb, BbDbF, AbCEb, BbDbF, AbCEb, CEbAb

Bb13 = Bb/AbDG

On all the stuff I been through, (r.h. chords):
AbCEb, CEbAb, BbDbF, AbCEb, BbDbF, AbCEb

Bb13 = Bb/AbDG

I prayed through, 
AbCEb, BbDbF, abCEb, AbCEb

C7(#5b9) = C/BbEAbDb

I cried through:
AbCEb, BbDbF, AbCEb

Ab13 = Ab/GbCF

and then I tried You.
AbCEb, BbDbFb, CEbAb, CEbAb, AbCF


and just when I was about to fall,
AbCEb, CEbAb, BbDbF, AbCEb, BbDbF, AbCEb

Bb13 = Bb/AbDG

Your love caught me when Your name I called:
AbCEb, CEbAb, BbDbF, AbCEb, BbDF, AbCEb, CEbAb.

Fm = F/CFAb

Jesus, You:
EbAbC, AbCEb

DGBb, DbGbbbE, CFAb

keep on lookin
BbDF, AbCEb, BbDbF, AbCEb

Bbm7 = Eb/DbFBb

out for me.
AbDbEb, FAb

Verse 2:

Remember when the doctor said
Said he couldn't help you and
Remember when the money was getting low
You're hurting now your feeling low
break* Just when you thought the night would never end
The sun came out now you can smile again

 Jesus You keep on, lookin' out, for me


You keep on
 Lookin' out for me


 You keep on Lookin' out for me
Bb/Fm In spite of
D/AbCF all I've 
Eb/DbFAb done
Gb/Db, C7(#9) Oh
Fm7 Jesus
Bb/AbDG You keep on, lookin' 
Eb/DbFAb, Ab/CEbAb out, for me


Verse 3:

Ab13 I shouldn't be here today
Ab/ And when I look back on my mistakes
Bb/AbDG If it hadn't been for your grace
Bb/AbDG I don't know Where I'd be, 
C7 (#5b9) where I'd go
Ab13 Who can love me like You do?
B13 And Who can Hold me when I'm 
C7(#5b9) going through?
Fm Jesus You 
Bb/Gm, Bb/Fm keep on, lookin'
Bbm7 out, for
Ab me

Repeat chorus until end

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