Who Can Compare to You: Chords

Who can Compare to You Chords and Lyrics

Chords and Lyrics: Who Can Compare to You

By Matt Stinton (Bethel Music) 2014


F#    E     F#    B       E


Where would I be
If it wasn’t for Your kindness toward me
You’ve been closer than a friend could ever be
                                                                           B     D#m  C#m
There is nothing on the Earth that could take Your  place


I am undone
For You see all there was and all that will be
Yet you’ve set your vast affection upon me
                                                                                        B   C#m  B
By Your voice the world was made and still You called my name


                       E                 F#
Who can compare to You
                          B                                G#m
Who moves my heart the way You do
                        E               C#m
Who can compare to You
                               G#m                      B
Who moves my heart the way You do


 B    C#M    B/D#    E (play a few times)

B                                        E
Kingdoms come and kingdoms fade
        G#m            E
But always You remain
B                                     E
Ages pass and seasons change
       G#m            E
But always You remain (the same)

I love the song with these great lyrics and it's fun to play along with the band, especially if you like using a vintage setting on your keyboard or piano/strings setting.

Since we know there's no one like our God, I think it is wise also not to compare ourselves with others. His character in me and His opinion of me is what really matters. Understand how precious you are in Jesus' eyes. You don't need to compare yourself to others anymore... especially with musicians. Just stay in your niche and do your best with the God-given talent He gave you and practice!

Comparing Yourself to Others
photo credit: Corkster

If you're interested in studying more with your guitar playing, visit Gospel Guitar 101 Here's a video to watch and see if the resource is for you.

Thanks again for all your emails. I do read them and enjoy hearing about your piano progress. Hope you have had an awesome summer. I'm getting ready to teach a new school year of kids and adults.
Stay tuned!


"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King
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