As We Worship You: Don Moen

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This song is performed by a favorite of mine, Don Moen. It appears on the album, I Will Sing (2000) You can download it for free, here. Don Moen is an American singer-songwriter of Christian music. For more information, visit wikipedia. I received this song request from one of my readers, TY!

Don Moen: As We Worship You

As We Worship You

VERSE 1: E As we worship You B Let all the world come and see C#m How the mercy we've received from You A Can set them free E As we worship You A Let all this joy that fills our hearts C#m Bring a hunger and a hope to those A Who've strayed so far CHORUS: F#m As we bow in adoration E And stand in reverent awe A Show Your majesty and glory E B Let Your anointing fall F#m As we declare Your name Lord Jesus E As the only name who saves A May the pow'r of Your salvation C#m B C#m B Fill each heart we pray VERSE 2: As we worship You Let all the nations hear our song The song of Jesus and His blood That proved His love for all As we worship You May all the lost and broken come May they hear Your still small voice Call out their names each one TAG: E A As we worship You (x4) ©1998, 2000 We Mobile Music / Integrity's Praise! Music Words and Music by Tommy Walker
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You may be interested in GospelKeys Ministry Musician1 featuring Jason White If you know how to play hymns but can't quite "flip" them to be more contemporary and flavorful (without sacrificing the original melody and nature of the song)... Jason is a pro at this and once you learn his techniques, you'll have both the young and mature listeners nodding their heads.

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