Musician's Vocabulary: Range-Register-Expression



Range means ALL of the pitches, from lowest to highest, that an instrument can play or a voice can sing. We can also talk about the range of your speaking voice: the full extent of your voice when you talk, from the lowest sound to highest sound.

How The Word Is Used:

"The range of the piano is extremely wide. It can go lower and higher than an entire symphony orchestra."

"The flute has a great sound, but the clarinet has a wider range. It can't go quite as high, but it goes much lower."

Range Words:

small      medium   large
narrow   average    wide

How To Find Your Vocal Range



Register means a specific part of the range of a voice or instrument. A range is usually divided into three parts: a low register, a middle register, and a high register.

How The Word Is Used:

"Your voice sounds so strong and clear when you sing that melody in your high register."

"I like 'Peter and the Wolf' - especially the sound of the cat played by a clarinet in its low register."

Cat's Theme

Register Words:

high         middle   low
higher                    lower
highest                   lowest

Descriptive Words associated with Register:

The high register of a voice or instrument may be clear and strong, thin and weak, or piercing.

The middle register of a voice or instrument may be strong, comfortable, or neutral (neither dark nor light).

The low register of a voice or instrument may be rich and full, dark and thick, or unfocused and muddy.



Expression refers to the kind of feeling or emotion that a composer or performer gives to a piece of music.

How The Word Is Used:

"Your piano playing is wonderful. It is so full of expression."

"That phrase you sang was too plain for me. Could you try it again with more expression?"

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