Heart and Soul (Jazz Style)

Heart and Soul (Jazz Style) : LadyDpiano
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In 1938 Frank Loesser and Hoagy Carmichael wrote Heart and Soul. Many of my students have learned this song from me or from one of their own family members. I am sure you can easily play the song. For Valentine's Day I wanted to put a different spin on it. I've learned many tips from Robert Pace. I thought I would share a different approach with you for this song. (Jazz style)

 Try the left hand chords a few times until they are easy to find, then play these variations on the famous "Heart and Soul" tune.

I 7 = CGB
VI 7 = AEG
II 7 = DAC
V7 = GDF

I'll post single note riffs for each measure in the right hand. Let's give it a try!

Heart and Soul Chord Chart

L.H. / R.H.

CGB/ C, C               AEG/ C
DAC/ C, B, A          GDF/ B, C, D
CGB/ E, E               AEG/ E
DAC/ E, D, C          GDF/ D, E, F
CGB/ E, F, F#         AEG/ G, E
DAC/ A, Eb            GDF/ D, C, A

C, F, C, F#, G/ C, F, C, F#, G (Both hands play the exact same notes)
D#, E, D#, E, D/ D#, E, D#, E, D (Both hands play exact same note)

CGB/ Eb, E             AEG/ C, A
DAC/ C, A, Bb       GDF/B, Ab, G
CGB/ C, Eb, E        AEG/ C, A
DAC/ C, A, Bb       GDF/ B, Ab, G
CGB/ C, D, Eb        AEG/ E, C
DFA/ D, E, F, G      GAF/Ab, G

C, F, C, F#, G/ C, F, C, F#, G (Both hands play the exact same notes)
Eb, E, C, C/ Eb, E, C (Both hands play exact same note)

Have fun improvising and Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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