The History of Reading Music Notes

 Treble Note Names: LadyDpiano

 So often I am asked if I would teach students online how to read music notes. I have done a few posts on the subject but oh my goodness... it would take a little awhile of repetitive teaching to go over the lines and spaces of the treble and bass staff. Then the rest is up to you to learn with practice over time. For some, especially with adults, you'll be a quick learner.

Anne Crosby is one of my favorite online teachers. These next charts are from

PianoAnne Treble Clef Space Notes

  • Treble Clef Space Notes: F - A - C - E (I Look At You And I See Your FACE)

PianoAnne Treble Clef Line Notes

  •  Treble Clef Line Notes: E - G - B - D - F (Every Good Boy Does Fine)

PianoAnne: Bass Clef Space Notes

  • Bass Clef Space Notes: A - C - E - G (All Cows Eat Grass)

Piano Anne: Bass Clef Line Notes

  • Bass Clef Line Notes: G - B - D- F - A (Good Boys Do Fine Always)

There are so many free and low cost apps/games online for you to use on reading notes. The old fashioned way is to make or purchase flash cards. I love these powerful learning resources through repetition. If you're online a lot of the time and you are a visual learner, check out these great sites.

If your curious about the history of reading music notes, wikipedia offers some valuable information:

 Online Links

Ricci Adams Music Theory: LadyDpiano


Great in identifying notes for older students.


Treble Note Games: LadyDpiano


Simple and advanced reading of the staff notes.

Word Warrior: LadyDpiano


Identifying words by answering the music notes.



Hope this is helpful in kick-starting your journey to reading music notes on the staff.

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