How To Play A Love Song: Chuck Girard

How To Play A Love Song

 I remember fondly when Chuck Girard, Tommy Coomes, Jay Truax and Fred Field first stepped out onto the Calvary Chapel stage back in 1970. I blogged about Chuck Girard's song, Freedom.

One of my favorite songs by Chuck Girard and Jesse Johnston is A Love Song. Copyright 1972 by Dunamis Music. It's played in the Key of G with a moderate waltz tempo.

Here are the piano chords to A Love Song.

Gmaj7   Dm/G      C        Cm
Lend an ear to a love song
Ooh, a love song
        Bm               Cmaj7 Am7 Dsus4 D7 Gmaj7
Let it take you, let it start
              Dm/G      C         Cm
What can you hear in a love song?
If you can feel it
              Bm              Cmaj7 D7 G
Then you're feeling from the heart
F#m                                             Emaj7
All the emotions true feelings of life is what music of love is about
Em7                         A7                         D   Gmaj7
If you are listening with peace in your heart and no doubt
           Dm/G     C        Cm
So listen now to a love song
If you can hear it
         Bm        Cmaj7 D7 G
We will never be apart

If you're not familiar with some of the chords, here's what they look like.

Gmaj7 = G/DF#C
Dm (G bass) = G/FAD
Cm = C/GCEb
Bm = B/F#BD
Cmaj7 = C/EGB
Am7 = A/CEA
Dsus = DG/CEA
D7 = D/DF#A
F#m F#/AC#F#
Emaj7 = E/G#BF#
Em7 = E/GBDE
A7 = A/C#EA
D = D/DF#A

Here's the beautiful song on YouTube. Hope you enjoy playing along.

Chuck Girard
Take It Easy
 The Stand

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