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Joel and Debbie Weldon

About a year ago I posted the chords to Overwhelmed by Joel Weldon. I had met Joel around 1992 and he had put together a songbook that I purchased, called Catch Fire! America.  

There's another cool song that Joel wrote along with Dave Long and Steve Mills called, Lay Your Hands On Me, GodHere  are  the chords in the Key of E Major.

Lay Your Hands On Me, God

Intro: E  A/E  B/E  E  A/E  A/B  B

                                                        E                                  A/E
Lay Your hands on me, God
Lift me up, make me strong
                                                                   B/E                  A/E            E
Show me Your way, won't You heal me today
                                                                    A/E                                E
Your love is so real, and the feelings I feel
                                                                B/E                    A/E                 B/E  A/E A E
Words just won't say how You've touched me today
                                                      A           B      E
God of mercy, I'll try to stand
                                              A                B         E                             C#m
Strong and faithful, live by Your command
                                                           E                    A                      Bsus4  B
You still love me even when I lose my way
                                            C#m                 E        D  
I know You're only a simple prayer away
     Chord Breakdown

E = E/BEG#
A/E = E/C#EA
B/E = E/DF#B
A/B = B/C#EA
B = B/DF#B
A = C#EA
C#m = C#/EG#C#
Bsus4 = B/F#BE

Catch Fire! America

For more information regarding Joel, visit his website

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