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Awhile back I wrote a post about three chords, the-chords-c-f-and-g. I thought I would elaborate a bit more since you've probably heard music teacher's say that you only need to know just a few chords to play any song. So, what are those chords? Here's a few points to know.

  1. Every key has three chords known as primary chords.
  2. They are groups of notes built on the 1st note of the scale, the 4th note of that scale and the 5th    note of the scale.
  3. These notes occur more than any other chord in a song but remember there are more chords throught a song.
  4.  Build the I Chord from C (in the Key of C) = CEG
  5.  Build the IV Chord from F = FAC
  6.  Build the V Chord from G = GBD
  7.  Remember the I, IV, V is based on the scale of that particular key.




You need to know these 3 chords so that you can play and sing in every key, in addition to C.

Key / Chords

G: G, C, D

D: D, G, A

A: A, D, E

E: E, A, B

B: B, E, F#

F: F, Bb, C

Bb: Bb. Eb, F

Eb: Eb, Ab, Bb

Ab: Ab, Db, Eb

Db: Db, Gb, Ab

Gb: Gb, Cb, Db

By learning these 3 chords to any key, you can start off with Silent Night and then practice singing and playing this Christmas song in all the other keys. Are you familiar with the story of Silent Night? Here it is,

Silent Night Chord Chart

For music instruction on learning piano chords, visit Chords 101 & 102 for the audio series.

Have fun with it. I think playing Christmas Carols is a great confidence booster to your piano playing!

If you find that you're an intermediate player, then check out the other silent-night-arrangements.

Order this DVD resource for ChristmasKeys1 to get a jump start on the season's music.


"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King

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