Understanding Scales and Changes in Gmail

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 It's been awhile since I've sent out my monthly newsletter. I was just getting around to doing that when I received a notice and learned about changes in Gmail. Have you heard about it? I thought I'd share some tips with you here on my blog and I'll also send it out later on in my newsletter as well.

If you use Gmail, you may have noticed that they have set up automated filters and is sorting your email into them.

These changes will happen automatically (without your permission), and will most likely mis-filter your emails, including my emails to you. That means that you won't see any email from me in your main inbox UNLESS you adjust your Gmail settings!

Here is a  short video tutorial to show you a two-second fix that will enable you to make sure my future emails (AND other content you've subscribed to) will go to your primary inbox.

If you'd rather follow written instructions instead, here they are. 

Do this now (it takes 2 minutes): 

1. Open your Gmail and notice the new "tabbing" setup. 
2. Click the "Promotions" tab. 
3. Look for any emails from me and/or other newsletters you subscribe to. If you see one, drag it to the "Primary" folder. 
4. A question will pop up asking if you want this done automatically in the future. Click YES. 

If you want to completely remove this new filtering system so everything comes into your inbox the way it did before, do this:

1. Go to the Settings box in the upper right hand corner of your inbox and choose "Settings." 
2. Click on the "Inbox" tab, then unselect all categories except "Primary." 

Major Scales

 If you get how to do all that... then by now, you probably understand how important major scales are. If you do not know them, you can take a look at these.

C Major
C  D  E  F G  A  B  C
1   2  3  4  5  6   7  8

D Major
D  E  F#  G  A  B  C#  D

E Major
E  F#  G#  A  B  C#  D#  E

F Major
F  G  A  Bb  C  D  E  F

G Major
G  A  B  C  D  E  F#  G

A Major
A  B  C#  D  E  F#  G#  A

B Major
B  C#  D#  E  F#  G#  A#  B

Db Major
Db  Eb  F  Gb  Ab  Bb  C  Db

Eb Major
Eb  F  G  Ab  Bb  C  Db

Gb Major
Gb  Ab  Bb  Cb  Db  Eb  F  Gb

Ab Major
Ab  Bb  C  Db  Eb  F  G  Ab

Bb Major
Bb  C  D  Eb  F  G  A  Bb

* The numbers beneath the scale letter names indicate the tone number or scale degree for each note of the major scale. Each major key has a "1-tone"... a "2"... a "3" and so on. What you want to improve upon is recognizing when melodies and chords are moving from one scale degree (one chord of the scale) to another.

Here are additional posts regarding scales. Hope they help!

1. Altered Pentatonic Scales and Patterns
2. Four Tips on Playing Scales
3. Friday Freebie: Piano Scales

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