How Do I Accompany Myself?

country music band at legoland

Aren't these 3 country pigs adorable from Legoland?!

From a reader named Ryan for Monday Mailbag...

Question: Can I accompany myself? How do I do it?

Answer: When the music calls for a II-V7-I progression, try playing it this way.

old way:

Dm7 = DC/FA
G7 = GF/BD

new way:

Dm7 = DC/FA
G7 = DB/FG

the 9th chord:

Dm7 = DC/FA
G9 = DB/FA

The left thumb moves down 1/2 step. The top note in the right hand moves down 1 whole step. And the C chord is played as always.

The same four notes are struck, but in a different order (inversion). The third way is even easier. Just move the thumb 1/2 step as shown in the 9th Chord version. The G7 chord is still a dominant 7th, but with a 9th added.

Practice this new way of playing II-V7-I progressions using the following drills.

Dm7  G7  C / Cm7  F7  Bb  /  Bbm7  Eb7  Ab  /  Abm7  Db7  Gb /

Gbm7  B7  E7 / Em7 A7 D

Bm7  E7  A  / Am7  D7  G / Gm7  C7  F  / Fm7  Bbm7  Eb /

Ebm7  Ab7  Db / Dbm7  Gb7  B

Dm7  G7  C / Gm7  C7  F / Cm7  F7  Bb / Fm7  Bb7  Eb /

Bbm7  Eb7  Ab / Ebm7  Ab7  Db

Am7  D7  G / Em7  A7  D / Bm7  E7  A / F#m7  B7  E /

C#m7  F#7  B / G#m7  C#7  F#

So, do you play in a band?

All the best,

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King
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