I Have A Dream with Daria

Here it is MLK Day and I'm just getting around to posting today! You see, our 5th grandchild was born on the 19th and there has been much rejoicing in the land! Mommy and baby are doing fine, so now everyone is just catching up on their sleep. Hopefully, I'll be back to my blogging schedule and teaching the children when they return to school. I hope you have been successful with your piano practice, as well.

I'd like for you to meet Riley! He's so adorable and our 4th grandson!

Today I'd like to share some great music resources from Daria. You can also get a free download to the song Down By The Riverside and Child of God at the same site.

I Have A Dream Song

So, for those who do not read sheet music... well, I thought I might need to make a chord chart for you in the Key of G, 4/4 Time Signature. I love the song of hers.
I Have A Dream (Words and Music by Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou)



G/BDG  (There's a )

G/DGB   man I
D/DF#B  think you've
C/CEA    heard of - His name is
G/DGB   Martin
D/DF#B  Luther
C/CEG    King (Well, he)
G/DGB   wanted a
D/DF#B  world of
C/EGC    peace and
E/BEG    love he said,
D/DF#A  have a
G/BDG    dream

G/DGB    I
D/F#AD  have a
C/GCE    dream - well,
G/GBE    I have
D/F#AD  a
C/CEG    dream - Well I've
G/DGB    been to the
D/DF#B   mountain
C/EGC     top and I've seen -
G/DGB    I
D/DF#A  have a
G/BDG    dream. He said I
G/DGB    know that
D/DF#B   this is
C/CEA     possible He said I
G/DGB     know that
D/DF#B    this can be if
G/DGB     each one can
D/DF#B    learn to
C/EGC      live with
E/BEG      love then
G/DGB     we can all
G/BDG     be
G/BDG     free

G/DGB     I
D/F#AD    have a
C/GCE      dream - Well,
G/GBE      I have
D/F#AD    a
C/CEG      dream. Well I've
G/DGB     been to the
D/DF#B    mountain
C/EGC      top and I've seen -
G/DGB     I
D/DF#A   have a
G/BDG     dream - Well,
G/DGB    if you share this
C/GCE     vision You know it's
G/GBE     not a difficult
C/CEG     thing - We can
G/DGB    build a world of
C/EGC     peace and
E/BEG     love and we can
G/DGB    all be
D/DF#B  queens and
G/BDG    kings
G/DGB   I *
D/F#AD Have a
C/GCE   dream - Well,
G/GBD   I have
D/F#AD  a
C/CEG    dream - Well I've
G/DGB   been to the
D/DF#B  mountain
C/EGC    top and I've seen -
G/DGB   I *
D/DF#A  have a
G/BDG    dream *

Have fun with the song! Blessings on your week!

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King
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