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C Δ7 , or major seventh chord on C About this ...
C Δ7 , or major seventh chord on C About this sound Play ( help · info ) . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Triads are built from scale tones. There are both Major seventh and ninth chords (Maj7 or +7 and Maj9) and Minor seventh and ninth chords (m7 and m9):



C7 = CEGbB

Cmaj7 = CEGB

Cmaj9 = CEGBD

Cm6 = CEbGA

Cm7 = CEbGBb

Cm9 = CEbGBbD

Cm(maj7) = CEbGB

When playing these chords from music with chord symbols, you can play the chord root with your left hand (try to hang around middle C with your left thumb(, and chord tones 3 and 5 with your right hand. From this position, it is possible to play every chord (major, minor, seventh, diminished and augmented):


Cmaj7 = CB/EG

C7 = CBb/EG

C6 = CA/EG

Cm(maj7) = CB/EbG

Cm7 = CBb/EbG

Cm6 = CA/EbG

Cdim = CC/EbGb

Caug = CC/EG#

Try playing these voicings in many different keys.

Wikipedia says:

In music composition and arranging, a voicing is the instrumentation and vertical spacing and ordering of the pitches in a chord (which notes are on the top or in the middle, which ones are doubled, which octave each is in, and which instruments or voices perform each). Which note is on the bottom determines the inversion.
Voicing is "the manner in which one distributes, or spaces, notes and chords among the various instruments" and spacing or "simultaneous vertical placement of notes in relation to each other."

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