Will Robots Outperform Piano Teachers?


Will Robots Outperform Piano Teachers?

This guest post by John Surico of HeyKiki.com

Robots are the inevitable result of humanity’s technology obsession. As everything moves online, we continually rely on machines to take care of our daily chores. Some may see its growth as a possible sci-fi horror while others view the advancement of robots as a relief – for example, you can relax on your couch while the Rumba vacuum robot does its job.

But that efficiency isn’t limited simply to cleaning. Recently, companies involved in the robot industry have been testing new piano-teaching software that replaces the side-by-side method of a human being teaching you the ivories.

One such example is a machine called Concert Hands. Like its title, the robot attaches itself onto your hands and wrists. Once on, a wrist pilot transmits pulses to your fingers to guide them in the right direction – i.e., the next key of the song. We never said the robots weren’t demanding!

Another example is a robot teacher called Musiah. The voice echoing from your computer tells you the keys to play and judges you at the end of the song. According to the company, a student who uses this robot as a piano teacher learned how to play the piano five to eight times faster than someone using the outmoded human tutor method. The beauty of technology is the time you save.

With these aforementioned scenarios in mind, it’s easy to see the direction in which piano teaching is headed. Although there will always be those who have an affinity for real-life interaction, it is evident that robots have the ability to take ordinary piano lessons to a whole new level. This translates into more piano players, learning songs at a rapid pace. And we shouldn’t be scared of that. But if you want to get a head start, you can find piano lessons and instructors on HeyKiki.

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