Free Music Apps for iPads

Free apps for iPads that I use with my students:

Tiny Piano (Free)
squarepoet, inc.~~The easiest way to play piano, guaranteed! Have fun with more than 130 famous songs & scales.Touch anywhere on the piano to play the next note in the song. You handle the timing and rhythm, so you can play fast or slow. Play Für Elise with your eyes closed!Tiny Piano comes with more than 50 FREE songs, including:Amazing Grace · Angels We Have Heard on High · Do-Re-Mi (from the Sound of Music) · The Entertainer · Feliz Navidad · Fur Elise · Happy Birthday · Here Comes the Bride · House of the Rising Sun · If You're Happy and You Know It · Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring · Jingle Bells · Kumbaya · La Cucaracha · Little Drummer Boy · London Bridge is Falling Down · March of the Volunteers · Mary Had a Little Lamb · Minuet in G · Ode to Joy · Swanee River · Silent Night · Stand By Me · Take Me Out to the Ball Game · This Land is Your Land · Twinkle Twinkle Little Star · Yankee Doodle · You Raise Me UpYou can unlock songs from famous artists like Bruno Mars, Adele, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Celine Dion.This will quickly become your favorite piano app. :-DIt's fun. It's magical. It's FREE!If you enjoy playing, please leave us a ★★★★★ review and tell us what songs you'd like to see.People love us! Check out our 5-star reviews:+ This an awesome app. I love it and so do my friends and family!! ~Tweety+ This is amazing and it's actually helping me to play the piano better. ~Dimples102+ I love this app. It's very entertaining. ~Soul9912+ Now my friends think I can play like a pro. ~Rosie363457789+ My 6 yr old loves it. And it teaches him his colors and learning music. I love it. ~Amylouis+ This app is really great! Like no other!! ~Jasmine168+ I just love this app!!!!! Makes me feel like I know what I'm doing :) ~Stuffstuff78+ Honestly it is the best piano app I have come across... ~Ahdjh+ Really fun! And a lot of cool songs. Tiny yet satisfying. ~Lgeorgea+ Makes it so easy to learn a song, instinctual and fast as heck. ~BRQ+ I feel like I can play! I knew my piano teacher was wrong all those years ago! ~Rainbeau+ My little sister thinks shes a piano master and she screams every time she finishes a song. ~LP

Bridal Selection / Piano Lesson PianoMan Classic ($8.99)

Yudo Inc.~~Anyone can be able to play piano just with one finger!♪♪Limited price per PianoMan off during a special campaign!★ ( ^∇^)/*。・゚・This application is a piano lesson software, already downloaded by over than 1 million users!(^-^)∠※PAN!The design and the production have been made by the "God of the musical games", Reo Nagumo.♪・☆゚:*:゚( ^∇^)/*。・゚・*。・゚・*。・*。・゚*。・゚*(^∇^ )■How to play?With PianoMan, you can enjoy your perfomance even if you don't play piano.As shown on the screen, just press the piano keys according to the timing and pratice your piano recital! Easy, isn't it? ヾ(´∇`)ノ゙■Song list○WEDDING MARCHComposer: Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy○AMAZING GRACEComposer: John Newtown○DEUX ARABESQUES "ARABESQUE NO.1"Composer: Claude Achille Debussy○LOVE AT HOMEComposer: John Hugh Mcnaughton○AIR ON THE G STRING (BWV 1068)Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach○WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE IN JESUSComposer: Charles Crozat Converse○JESU JOY OF MAN`S DESIRING (BWV 147)Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach○CANON A 3 CON SUO BASSO UND GIGUEComposer: Johann Pachelbel○AVE MARIA(BACH, GOUNOD)(Prelude & Fugue No.1 in C (BMV846))Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach, Charles Francois Gounod○JE TE VEUXComposer: Eric Alfred Leslie Satie○AVE MARIA (CACCINI)Composer: Giulio Romano Caccini○TREULICH GEFUHRT ZIEHT DAHIN FR."LOHENGRIN"Composer: Wilhelm Richard Wagner --------------------1$-GAMES is a brand for games that cost each 1$ only.They will be brought to you at Apple Store most of every weeks.According to the mix of Protools HD system, PianoMan uses a 16bit multi-function system.All piano keys have a high quality piano sound. The simulation of the reverberation is also well-rendered.\(^O^)/--------------------

Young Music Genius : Classical Wiz (Free)

X5 Music Group AB~~Let your children discover the exciting world of classical music in Young Music Genius : Classical Wiz. Learn to identify the instruments used in classical music or discover how the great masterpieces of classical music sounds.After learning about the music, test your your newly gained knowledge in the games section. Either play the instruments quiz or composer quiz, or if you want a real challange do the instruments memory which combines both sound and image to help you remember whats behind the cards. Features : -24 Instruments and 24 Composers to learn.-Instrument and Composer Quiz, in two diffrent difficulties.-Memory sound game, with either 12 or 24 cards. -Game rating tracking-Fun and challanging achievementsLowered price for limited time only!!

My Note Games

Appatta Ltd.~~AS FEATURED ON BBC CLICK!NOMINATED FOR A ‘LEARNING WITHOUT FRONTIERS’ INNOVATION AWARD 2012!This app listens to you playing your instrument! Watch the notes fly off the screen when you play them correctly! 'My Note Games!' comprises a suite of simple games to teach music theory and instrument mastery. All games are free to try. You can upgrade to the premium versions within the app.Games can be purchased individually or in bundles. Music practice will never be the same!Minimum spec: iPod3, iPhone3GS or iPad✰ HEAR IT, NOTE IT! Listen to the music. Write what you hear using our simple drag-and-drop interface. ✰ TAP THAT NOTE! Tap on the buttons to name the notes.48 levels each for Treble, Bass, Tenor and Alto Clefs. The first 4 notes of each clef are free. The Premium version includes all the rest. ✰ PLAY THAT NOTE! Recognises the notes you play on your instrument*.Unlock 18 levels and master your first Octave.How well can you play the whole octave in-tune?The first 3 notes of all instruments are free. The Premium version includes the rest of the notes for ALL instruments PLUS ‘Tap That Note’. ✰ PLAY-A-DAY! Choose a lesson to play with your instrument**.Play the eight phrases and get the best score you can.Come back the next day and try and beat your score.See how your sight reading has improved over the last month. Lessons: Crotchets, Minims, 3/4 Time, Quavers, Various Key Signatures. ‘Play-A-Day!’ uses an almost limitless supply of computer generated phrases. The Crotchets lessons are free.The Premium version includes the rest of the lessons for ALL instruments. ✰ PLAY-A-CAROL! Play, sing and whistle carols. Get a score for accuracy. Try and beat it tomorrow. ✰ TOONR THE TUNER See the note you are playing displayed on the screen.Watch what happens to Toonr as you play higher and lower notes.Use Toonr to tune your Guitar or even tune MyNoteGames to your out-of-tune Piano. Toonr is Free. * Instruments supported by ‘Play That Note!’: Saxophone, Piano, Guitar, Recorders, Woodwind, Bb Trumpet, Violin, Viola, Cello, Vocals and Whistling.** Instruments supported by ‘Play-A-Day!’: Saxophone, Piano, Guitar, Descant/Soprano Recorder, Treble Recorder, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, Vocals and Whistling. Designed to be used under the supervision of a parent or music teacher, ‘My Note Games!’ uses note recognition technology.

I hope you had a wonderful 4th and thanks for all your emails that I received.

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King
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