Friday Freebie: Homemade Muscial Instruments

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Daria provides a video of a song from Africa, Here Come Our Mothers

Thank you for the times you listened
Thank you for the times you heard
You made me feel like I could soar
And sing just like a bird...thanks to you

Now I can stand tall
And I can stand true
You know it is
Thanks to you! 

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Photo Credit: Tip Junkie

I got to thinking about drums from Africa and reflecting on some of my own handmade
music instruments I made for the kindergarten class.

Music Mouse

Safari Shakers

I wanted to share a list with you
of other cool bloggers who have enjoyed creating sounds from cool resources.

Homemade Bongo Drums

Washboards and Rattles

Homemade Musical Instruments

Rainsticks and Tambourines

Homemade Guitars and Harps

Banjo and Xylophone

Making Music-Martha Stewart

Musical Shaker Eggs

"The rhythm section is the foundation for good improv experiences." 
-- John Kuzmich, Jr.

Here's a more complex blues riff.

L.H.  Chord  - R.H. Single Notes

C7 - C, C, Bb, C

F7 - F, F, Eb, F

G7 - G, G, F, G

C7 - C, C, Bb, C, Eb

F7 - F, F, Eb, F, A

G7 - G, G, F, G, Bb

C7 - C, C, Bb, G, Bb, C

F7 - F, F, Eb, C, Eb, F

G7 - G, G, B, D

C7 - C, E, G, C, Bb

F7 - F, A, C, F, Eb

G7 - G, B, D, G, F

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"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King
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