Chord Breakdown: Always by Kirk Franklin

The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin
The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Awhile back I posted the chord chart to Always by Kirk Franklin. You can view
 "How To play Always"  here. Since then, I've received lots of requests asking for
me to break the song down some more. So, here goes!

First off, this ballad has lots of arpeggiated, broken chords. Play single l.h. notes!


C2 = C, G, D, E, D G.

F2 = F, C, G, A, G.

When you play the measure, "just like mama told me", play

E/C2 = E, G, D, C, E
D7 = D, F#, C
G/F = GF/C to A note
G13 = BE, then D, C, A

Remember the song has lots of C2 and F2 chords.

When you play the measure, "There's peace when I call out Your name,

Bb = Bb, F, D, F, Bb
F/G = G, A, F, A, B

"So whatever You take me through, I promise You, I'll spend my always w/ you"

Am7 = A/ C, G, C, E
Gm7 = G/ Bb, F, Bb, D
Fmaj9 = F/ C, E, G, C, G
Em7 = E/ D, G, B,
Dm7 = D/ C, F, A
G/F = G/ A, C, F, A, C

If you aren't sure where I am at this point, here's the original chord chart, 
Remember, I'm adding more single notes with this post.

Then there's tons of chords that build before the key change:

Here's the chord = How to play it

Am7 = A/CE
G#/E7 = G#EG#/DB
F#/D = F#/ADA
Fm6 = FDF/CDAb
E/C2 = E/DG
Bbmaj7 = Bb/ADF
Ab/Gb/ = AbAb/DbGbAb

Key Change Modulation to Db

Db2 = Db, Ab, Eb, F, Eb
Gb2 = Gb, Db, Ab, Bb, Ab
F7 = F/EbFA
Bbm7 = Bb/DbF
Abm7 = Ab/CbEb
Gbmaj9 = G/DbF
Fm7 = F/CEbAb
Bbm7 = Bb/DbFAb
Ebm7 = Eb/BbDbGbAb
A/Em7 = A/GBDE
A = A/C#EA

Key Change to D Major

I think the chords are pretty easy to figure out in this part.
There's a transition chord that sets up the key change to Eb,
Bb/ Ab = BbBb/ AbCEb, BbBb/AbCEbF, BbBb/CEbAb

Key of Eb

Check out the original chord chart for this section.


Eb2 = Eb/ Bb, Eb, F, G, F, Bb (single r.h. notes)
Ab2 = Ab/C, Bb, Bb, C
Ab/Fm = Ab/AbCF
Ab/Eb = GBbEb
Ab/Eb = Ab/EbGBb
Ab2(#4) = Eb/BbDbEb
Ab2 = Ab/abBbCEb

It's such a beautiful song and you just might want to purchase the book for your library.
The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin (Songbooks and Folios)

And be sure and stop by this resource and see if it's for you:
Gospel Music Training Center

Best Regards,

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King
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