Friday Freebie: Music Fonts

I am always looking for free graphics or fonts for my kindergarten and piano student monthly newsletters. While browsing online, I cam across some of these cool features. Perhaps you can find a use for them in your music studies.

 LD Music Font (Free Download)

The delightful LD font features some musical-symbol-likeness, as you can see from the above example.  You could use this font for your studio newsletters and recital programs or business cards.

101 Baby Grand Font (Free Download)

 You will find that the Letters are all uppercase and the Numbers are included, too.

 All That Jazz

This is a cute piano keys font!  You'll find that there is no lowercase letters in this font but all uppercase letters.



There are uppercase and lowercase letters in this font, plus some punctuation marks.


A free font of music notes and symbols.  There are no actual letters or numbers in this font.


All letters in this font are uppercase, and there are no punctuation marks.


These fonts are for Pcs but I think all the other fonts are for both Mac and PC. If you know of some other cool sites, please let me know.  Happy Friday!

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." B.B.King
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