Song for Closing the Service

Song for Closing Out the Service

 I was looking through my Gospel Music songbook collection (it's huge) and came across this very nice song to play. It's great for closing out your service. Credit goes to Ferrente.

God Be With You

F/FAC          God

G/EGBbC    Be

A/FAC          With

A/EbFAC      You

Bb/BbDF       God

B/AbBDF       Be

A/ACF            With You

C/BbDF          (filler)

C/BbCEG       (filler)

F/CFA              God

AG/C#EA        Be

D/ADF             With You

D/ADF              Til We

G/BDG             Meet

G/BDFA           A--

C/BbCEG        -- gain

F/CFA               God

AG/C#EA         Be

D/ADF             With You

G--A--Bb/BbC#FG  Til --We (roll the G-A-Bb)

C/CFA               Meet

C/BbCEG          A---

FC/ACF             ----gain

Let me know what you think. It sounds so sweet!
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